The reason why Kevin Hart has the ideal partnership with Netflix

When Kevin Hart decided to release three of his stand-up comedy specials in theaters he raked in over $63.5 million at the box office.

Saying that’s not bad is an understatement for a show that audiences usually want to watch live. With the success of his shows’ theatrical release, the comedian has now turned to stream giant Netflix to broadcast is stand-up specials.

Harts says the move is in tune with his plans to reach global audiences. In an interview with Business Insider, the comedian said “It’s a better deal because it’s more global,”

“With me trying to get to a space where my movies are having more and more box-office success all over the globe, something that can be in Germany, Spain, and Australia all at the same time, these are all markets that I’m currently frequenting so that was just a smart move.”

According to Business Insider, Hart’s movies have been a hit domestically but haven’t done as well internationally. This could be the reason why the comedian is determined to reach the global audience. In the business of movies, productions value stars who translate well overseas rather than in America.

Global presence is one of the many advantages that Netflix offers and we can expect to see more of Hart in the streaming service.

The comedian currently has one Netflix produced special and is currently working on material for the second. Aside from that, Netflix also bought his theatrically released specials so there’s no doubt that the partnership is a good deal.

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
Ben is is a senior journalist and sport columnist for Best in Australia. He previously worked for the BC and other radio stations.
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