Kendall Jenner and NBA star Ben Simmons rekindles dating rumors

People are asking if NBA wingman Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner are back together after Kendall attended the Sixers star’s basketball game over the weekend.

Jenner and Simmons’ love affair might not be actually over it seems. The two have dated for around a year before breaking up last May, having a surprisingly private relationship given Kendall’s family business. After their breakup, Kendall has stayed single until now.

It seems like they are back in each other’s lives as Sports Gossip managed to steal some shots during the Philadelphia 76ers vs. the New Orleans Pelicans basketball game.

The reality star/supermodel usually spends her time going back and forth from Los Angeles to New York and the fact that she went out of her way to go to Philadelphia for the basketball game warrants a little looking into. Kendall kept a low profile, deciding to watch from a box seat instead of sitting at courtside like what she did when they were still dating.

Another good reason why people are speculating that Kendall and Ben are back together is that there was a source close to them that said that they just took a break. Kendall was spending a lot of time with her friends and is currently having a lot of fun.

A thing of note is that when the two started dating back in 2018, the two took a short break from their relationship around August but rumors surfaced again come November 2018 when she resumed attending Simmons’ games again.

E! News who are closely tied to the KarJenners have actually reported that Ben and Kendall are in fact seeing each other again adding more credence to online speculation. An E! News source stated that the supermodel has been discreetly going back to Philadelphia to see Simmons.

The source added that the two back together is still fresh. Last week the source said that Jenner was in New York and then beeline down to Philly to meet up with the basketball star Thursday night in Boston. Jenner then came back to New York the following morning for her work then went back to Philadelphia to attend another Sixers game that evening.

E!’s source also added that the two are keeping everything as discreet as possible for the moment. This isn’t surprising given that Kendall has been naturally private when it comes to her personal life unlike some of her other sisters. She only spilled the tea with her relationship with the Sixers wingman during an interview with Ellen Degeneres just last February.

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