The best team building activities for foodies

Gone are the days of awkward paintballing with your boss and dreaded ice-breakers with the accounts team. When you’re looking for ways for your team to bond, you don’t need to settle for stiff, boring and mind-numbing ice-breaker activities. If you’ve got a team of foodies that love eating out, are open to trying new things and are up for adventuring with their tastebuds, here are some tasty ideas for team-building activities that are sure to be a hit at your workplace.

Why bother? There are lots of benefits to bringing colleagues together to work on something other than their day-to-day tasks. Devoting time regularly to building relationships within your organisation can lead to better team morale, higher productivity and improved communication skills.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to dig in…

Try a tasting

The best team building activities for foodies try a food tasting
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If your team needs to scream it might as well be over ice cream. Messina offers a unique team-building experience in the form of a gelato appreciation masterclass. It feels like a mash up of a science class and a gelato making class. Not only do you learn how to actually make gelato as well as tasting each flavour, but each team will leave with tubs of gelato to take away and share with the rest of the office (or not).

If you’re really looking to spoil your employees with gelato, the Messina Creative Department offers a degustation experience like no other. This intimate setting caters for small teams only with just 8 seats available, and moves from one gelato based dish to another, covering both sweet and savoury flavours. 

Take a road trip

The best team building activities for foodies take a road trip
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There’s nothing like jumping in the car and leaving your worries behind on a road trip. Let the team feel like they really are OOO by travelling away from the city to Australia’s oldest wine region. Head to the Hunter Valley and you’ll be able to instantly reset as you find yourself surrounded by the countryside inhaling fresh air. There are plenty of ways to explore the Hunter Valley, but one of our favourites is with lunch at one of the best restaurants in the area, such as Amanda’s on the Edge, or with a local wine tour. Between the food and the views, you are bound to come back merry.

Host a picnic

The best team building activities for foodies host a picnic
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Grazing boards are all the rage and picnics are the perfect way to keep things casual. Pick a park close by and DIY your platters with fruits, cheese, charcuterie and chopped vegetables. Raise the comfort levels with rugs and cushions, or set up in a BBQ area and use tressels tables if you prefer to stand.

Learn something

The best team building activities for foodies learn something
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Nothing brings people together like learning a new skill. Cooking classes are a fun way to fill the time as you work on your abilities to work together as a team. Learn to make pasta from scratch, master the art of cake decorating, or discover the flavours of a foreign cuisine. Whether you have masterchefs among you, or some of your colleagues have never stepped foot in the kitchen, a cooking class will see you working together for a common outcome and, of course, you get to break bread and dig in together afterwards. 

Take a hike

The best team building activities for foodies take a hike
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Work up an appetite and get your heart rate up as you explore the scenic Sydney coast together. Walk from Bronte to Bondi, brainstorming new projects and taking in the views as you go. The trek will be worth it when you arrive in Bondi and dine at one of the best restaurants this seaside village has to offer. You’ll return to the office high on the endorphins of fresh air and exercise, and with a new outlook on work and life.

Lunch with a view

The best team building activities for foodies lunch
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Assemble the team and travel to the city’s smallest suburb where you’ll find a hidden gem waiting for you. Cottage Point is a picturesque part of Sydney that feels a million miles away while being located only 40 minutes from the CBD. On a day trip up here you’ll find the Cottage Point Kiosk, the perfect place to refuel after exploring the area. Attached to the kiosk is a boat hire if you are feeling inclined to head out on the waterways for a different perspective.

Do it for a good cause

The best team building activities for foodies cooking
Photo: Clem Onojeghuo, Pexels.

If your team is finding itself in search for some meaning, devote your team building time to providing for someone else. Cook up a storm and then serve your flavourful creations to those in need. This option is perfect for those with culinary skills, although those who are less experienced can help out too. Get that “helper’s high” which gives you a mood boost when performing a task for someone else. This good deed phenomenon is also a great way to bust stress and improve mental health.

Get your hands dirty

The best team building activities for foodies gardening
Photo: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels.

Reduce your carbon footprint and start a food garden together. You’ll get to plan, collaborate and plot your garden, creating accountability and commitment from all involved. Reap the rewards of your hard work when your food is ready to harvest. If you don’t have a space in your office, look for a close-by community garden to use.

Order in

The best team building activities for foodies catering
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If you don’t have the time (or the budget) to escape the office, opt for high quality corporate catering and plan some work-friendly challenges. Turn your boardroom into a game zone and challenge each other to mental and physical feats. Let your team embrace their inner child while letting their competitive side run wild. From puzzles and brain teasers to karaoke, charades and scavenger hunts, the possibilities are endless. The only aim is to give everyone a chance to let their hair down and have a little fun.

Get ready for high fives instead of eye-rolls when you unveil your drool-worthy ideas in your workplace. Even Jim from HR won’t be able to resist these delicious feasts.

Bon appetite!

Ashley Hunt
Ashley Hunt
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