Best 10 road trips all over the world

Road Trips, in my opinion, are the most beautiful experience and the most important journeys in the heart. Traveling with this method means you would never stop, it means that as soon as you’re in love with a place in the next stage you’ll fall in love with another place. Here I want to share with you the best 10 road trip around the world you should definitely consider for a wonderful experience on the road! Let’s begin!

The Black Forest – Germany

The Black Forest made up of landscapes (green), small villages, snowy mountains, but only in winter. some completely immersed in the woods and others that, instead, prefer the passage inside the small villages in the area. One of the best routes starts at Knibes (road 500) and ends at Baden-Baden via SchwarzwaldHochstrasse (one of the most beautiful high-rises of the motorway in the Black Forest region.)

Atlantic Road – Norway

The Atlantic Road in Norway is 8.5 km long and starts from Molde to get to Kristiansund and Romsdal. The road crosses an archipelago of partially inhabited islands and rocks. It passes between 12 bridges, from which it is possible to sight seals or whales. A truly evocative landscape will be found in front of us, endless bridges that connect archipelagos.

Florida Keys – USA

We remain on the subject of bridges, the Florida Keys are truly unmissable, connected by a long 7-mile bridge over the Ocean.
They start south-east of the tip of the Florida peninsula, about 15 miles south of Miami, and extend in a gentle arc from northeast to southwest to Key West, the westernmost of the inhabited islands, and Dry Tortuga.

The Gold Road – Uzbekistan

Through the heart of the historic Silk Road in Uzbekistan. A journey from 8 to 10 days. This route will amaze you with breathtaking landscapes and historic cities ending up in magical Samarkand. Along the way, you cannot miss the ancient citadel of Khiva declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, surrounded by a rectangular perimeter made up of high brick walls where the main historical monuments are concentrated.

Perth to Albany – Australia

If you love surfing this stage is extremely for you, Along the way, you will encounter a variety of beaches and colors that will leave you speechless, certainly, the Margaret River is the most famous, but I recommend you stop at places like Yallingup river, Elephant Rocks, and Peaceful bay. In these magical beaches, you will happen to admire the passage of whales and dolphins surfing the waves next to you.

The Great Ocean Road – Australia

We remain in Australia for one of the most famous streets that exist, it is fantastic not only for the landscape but also for the perfection of the roads and the harmony of its curves that make it very pleasant for driving enthusiasts. The road is 356 km long and leads from Torquay to Portland, although most visitors begin the journey from Melbourne to km 95. Along the way, we will find Bells beach (the mecca of surfers), and the Port Cambell National park, where you can admire the famous 12 apostles.

South Island – New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand, dubbed by many as an ‘earthly paradise’. As you walk the streets of this incredible island you can expect to see a different landscape at each handful of kilometers: snow-capped mountains, glaciers, colorful turquoise lakes, waterfalls, beaches and beautiful rainforests. Christchurch and Queenstown are the largest and most important cities, both beautiful.

U.S. Highway 61 – USA

Called “Blues Highway” for the route that leads from St. Paul to St. Louis, through Memphis, in the Mississippi Delta, and finally ends in New Orleans (City of Blues) but also called “the road of the great river “because for most of the route alongside the great Mississippi river. Along the 2,300 km, you will stop in Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

Ruta 40 – South America

We move this time to South America, precisely in Argentina, for a journey of about 5000 km that you will remember for a lifetime. La Ruta 40 is one of the longest motorways in the world. It crosses 18 rivers and 20 national parks: it is easy to understand that the experience will be more unique than rare.

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