Top 6 Bushwalking Tracks in Blue Mountains Australia

Outside the buzzing city of Sydney is a calming picturesque arena ready to be explored. Around a 2 hour journey outside of Sydney will get you to the beautiful and majestic heritage of Blue Mountains. There are so many ways to explore the Blue Mountains like cableways, skyway, and railway but the best way to enjoy nature is by walking your way through its scenic tracks. This way you will get a chance to relish the unseen waterfalls, breathtaking valley’s, unique rock formations, exotic flora and fauna of Blue Mountains. We have curated a list of best walking tracks out of hundred trails covering the Blue Mountains.

  • Grand Canyon Walking Track

Grand Canyon walking trail is about 6 km long circuit walk starting at Evans Lookout. The trail is adorned with a captivating rainforest with a network of creek crossings. It also has small waterfalls and impressive rock formation. The panoramic view of the spectacular valleys will leave you dumbfounded. It will take you about 2.5 hours to circuit around the track. The track is very steep in few areas so the hike is ranked as moderate to hard.

Perhaps, for this reason, walkers have trodden this adventurous and captivating track since 1907. It’s a World Heritage-listed landscape where the track goes through golden wattles and ravishing native vegetation of ferns. It’s especially beautiful during the summer season.

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  • Katoomba Falls Round Walking Track

This is a 4 km circuit walk and is comparatively a shorter one that starts at Scenic World. Situated along the way is an astounding segmented waterfall named Katoomba Fall. This track laid in a lush rainforest offers a mesmerizing view of Jamison Valley. Reids Plateau, Witches Leap, Juliets Balcony are the major lookout points along the track. The walk takes about 2hours and is ranked as easy to moderate with only a few steeper sections.

Katoomba Falls Round Walking Track
Cascading waterfall down the sheer escarpment cliffs into the valley below. Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountains Australia. Photo: BS

This often-overlooked tourist spot in the Blue Mountains which is a shame as it’s one of the more serene locations in all of Australia. Witnessing the witch’s profile in the rocks and gazing upon Reid Plateau is an amazingly calming experience.

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  • Prince Henry Cliff Walking Track

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk is situated between Scenic World and Leura. It is a 7 km long trail full of adventures. The most famous lookout on the track is Echo Point and offers a panoramic view of the famous Three Sisters. It will take you 3.5 hours to walk through the trail. This track is ranked as moderate.

Prince Henry Cliff Walking Track
Katoomba. Aerial view of people visiting at the Three Sister lookout at Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. Photo: BS

The cliff edge overlooking Jamison Valley offers some of the more scenic sightings of the Blue Mountains. It’s named after King George V and Queen Marry and has one of the better signposting among Australia’s tourist spots. But it’s easy to get lost here due to the overabundance of intersections with walking tracks in the area.

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  • Ruined Castle Walking Track

The path starts at Golden Stairs which steeps downward to a valley and then ascends upward towards Ruined Castle. This track is an astounding stack of boulders. The trail is 8 km long and it takes about 4 hours to walk through it. Some sections of the trail are very steep so the bushwalking here is ranked as moderate to hard.

Ruined Castle Walking Track
Photo: BS

The track is absolutely surreal and climaxes in one of Australia’s most recognized landmark which is the Ruined Castle. This is a perfect end to a walk that’s filled with exciting views from Wentworth Falls to Katoomba. If one’s lucky, they might even spot a lyrebird in the lush rainforest that has towering coachwood and sassafrass.

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  • Cliff Top Walking Track

Cliff Top Walking Track is situated between Govetts Leap lookout and Evans lookout. It is a 3.2km long walking track on the cliff edge of Grose Valley. The splendid view of Grose Valley is one of the beautiful wonders of Blue Mountains with several creeks, rivers and waterfalls. It is even more mesmerizing during sunrise and sunset giving the valley an ethereal glow. It is a short 1.5-hour distance to cover but it is an exciting track. With a few steep sections, it is easy to moderate walking track.

Cliff Top Blue Mountains
Eucalyptus valley between rocky ranges at Blue Mountains. Photo: BS

One of the greatest joys of trekking across this path is birdwatching and witnessing a colorful range of wildflowers. Passing through here, you will see banksias, she-oaks and stunted mallee scrub. To top it all off, the white-naped honeyeaters lured in by the wildflowers are a captivating sight.

National Pass Walking Track    

Wentworth Falls Blue Mountain
Mountain track over steep cliff edge. Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains. Photo: BS

You can get on this trail from both the picnic area of Wentworth Falls and the Conservation Hut. It is a 5 km circuit trail passing along breathtaking lookouts with beautiful views of Wentworth Fall. The trail is mostly built on the edge of a cliff bordering Jamison Valley. A section of trail also loops around the Valley of Waters. The beauty of Empress, Lodore and Sylvia Falls is something out of a movie. A very steep Grand Stairway leads to the valley which makes the walk hard. When you have completed a 3-hour walk enjoy the view from the Wentworth Falls picnic area, relax at the Conservation Area and have yourself a warm cuppa.

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