The best Autumn/Winter fashion trends for 2018

With sunlight decreasing and grey skies moving in, it’s safe to say Autumn is in full swing. To keep you from committing any fashion faux pas we’ve come through with the top trends to expect this Autumn/Winter 2018. Shop online for great deals on makeup, fashion and accessories delivered straight to your door.

Bright colours

Electric blue, punchy pink and ultraviolet purple are set to shake up your ideas of cold weather fashions. Forget about drab greys and bring colour back to your wardrobe this season with an on-trend bright coat or blazer.

Plaid and checks

If Summer is all florals then make Autumn your moment for plaid patterns a la Cher Horowitz. What was once oh so 90s is now coming back around on the trending radars. Ditch the plaid mini skirts for checkered pants or blazers to keep them in this decade.

Petite bags

Perhaps not the most practical of options but isn’t that typically high fashion? Any day you’re feeling minimalist is an opportunity to bring out your favourite tiny bag. Think faux quilted Chanel and crossbody clutches.

White boots

Channel the swinging 60s with a pair of pure white ankle boots. Spotted on celebs at nearly every Fashion Week show, they’re the statement item you need now. If you’re worried about making the plunge find a pair with mixed colours or materials such as white leather with a wooden block heel.

Sock boots

Over a year since Kanye created them and Kim Kardashian first wore them, sock boots have risen in the fashion ranks. The slim to the ankle, typically knitted style, is popular because of its versatility – they work with jeans and dresses, formal or casual. This Autumn/Winter we expect to see them continue their popularity if a cult celeb following is anything to go by.

Out with the old, in with the new

All the shopping you’re about to be doing is sure to put a strain on your wardrobe. Organise your bedroom storage now so it’s ready to fit all those trendy additions. First step; reduce the clutter by getting rid of anything you hardly ever wear. How can you tell? Here’s two wardrobe hacks to try:

  1. Put a piece of masking tape on every item of clothing and write an expiry date on it. This could be 2-4 weeks or 2-3 months from now, depending how ruthless you feel. Only remove the date when you wear that item of clothing. After the expiry date if the sticker remains then it’s time to admit the fact you’re no longer loving that style.
  2. Turn all your coat hangers so that they face the same way. Once you’ve worn something put it back in your closet with the hanger facing the opposite way. Mark a date in your diary or calendar when you’ll review how many hangers have been swapped and get rid of any pieces that after 3 months haven’t been worn. This hack is great for long-term items like coats that may only come out once every month in the transition weather.

Lavender is in

Pastels haven’t disappeared just yet but they have swapped sides of the colour wheel. Where once it was all about Millennial Pink, this season’s go to pastel shade is Lavender. It’s been spied on the runways in every way; from pastel powersuits to oversized knits, chic dresses and purple eyeshadow a major feature.

Dark lipsticks

Every Autumn/Winter we see the return of dark, brooding lips. This year seems no different with deep berry shades, dark reds and even black lipstick dominating the runways in London and New York.

Graphic eyeliner

Gone are the days for smoky kohl eyeliner. This season we’re seeing the return of graphic liquid liner looks in black and even colours. Wear a 60s flick with your white boots to channel all the best trends from the grooviest decade. Or take inspiration from Cleopatra with an Egyptian winged liner extending out toward your brow and into your crease. Keep the lines slim for a modern take on this classic look.


There’s more than enough here to keep you trending in the style stakes well into the next season.


Julia Hammond
Julia Hammond
Julia Hammond is a Melbourne-based freelance writer who has worked with major brands and blogs from The Urban List to You can find her online at
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