9 essential items in your travel makeup bag

This guide is for the ladies who don’t usually play around with makeup so wouldn’t know what to pack, and the makeup addicts who can’t seem to prioritise which of their eye shadow palettes makes the cut (hint: none of them!).

Travelling is about bringing just the bare necessities to get you out and about whether it’s for a holiday or an important business trip.

For everyday

A simple but fresh makeup look that is appropriate for any activity on your travels requires only 7 items. On some days you’ll wear all of them, on others just 2-3 which means you’ve got a fully customisable look.


Many makeup artists will tell you that a good moisturiser is the only primer that you need. But for those ladies out there with some excess oil to their skin your moisturiser will create an overly dewy base and your makeup is likely to slide off. A mattifying primer is the best insurance for makeup that you want to last from morning meeting into evening drinks.


A lot of you won’t like to wear foundation everyday but we don’t think a tinted moisturiser or BB cream will be as versatile as you need when you’re travelling.

Eyebrow pencil

Ever woken up late and barely had time to brush your hair let alone prettify your face? If there’s one feature that has the power to change your whole look it has to be your eyebrows.

With just a few feathery strokes they bring shape and definition to your face. Thick and natural has been the style for a while now so gently defining the underneath and adding depth to the tail is all it takes to get your brows in vogue.


Another quick product that takes literal seconds to apply but amplifies your look tenfold. We recommend a waterproof mascara for when you’re travelling as you never really know where you’ll end up!

For a natural application hold the mascara wand close to your eyelashes and blink slowly a few times. The blinking motion should run your lashes across the wand without creating clumps.


The right blush is going to give you a healthy glow – just what you want for all those holiday snaps. Just bring along one favourite colour that complements your skin tone.

Cool toned ladies should look for bright pink and mauve products. Warmer skin tones look best in golden pinks, peaches or apricots. And darker skinned women are radiant with a dusting of copper, gold and burnt orange blush.

Signature scent

For your final everyday essential pack a travel sized version of your signature scent. It’s amazing how complete you feel once you add a dash of perfume.

To take you from day to night

There’s no way you’ll fit a whole evening makeup look in your luggage without running out of weight allowance. Here’s 3 products to bring along that will take your everyday look from natural to glam.

Eye shadow stick

As we mentioned before there’s no point bringing alone a whole eye shadow palette. Most likely it’ll be ruined in transit. Eye shadow stick’s are long and thin so it’s easy to carry a few if you want too.

We suggest bringing just one in a universal glitter shade such as silver, gold or champagne pink. Plus you’re saving room on brushes; these sticks are usually cream formulas that are blended easily with just your fingers.

Bright lip

A couple of different coloured punchy lipsticks will offer you more than one evening look. Think dark plums and purples for a vampy look, red when you’re feeling sultry or bright pink for a young and playful evening.


Last but never least, a quality concealer is the handbag friendly touch-up. Pop it in your purse on the way out the door with a compact mirror and you’ll always be photo ready.

Skip the contour and leave the highlight behind because these are the only products you’ll need to look flawless everyday and night of your travels. And don’t forget you’re not dropping off the edge of the earth; you can always buy something on your travels if you really, truly need it.

Julia Hammond
Julia Hammondhttps://lefthandscribbler.com/
Julia Hammond is a Melbourne-based freelance writer who has worked with major brands and blogs from The Urban List to MyDeal.com.au. You can find her online at LeftHandScribbler.com.
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