Best ways to wear plaid clothing

What is, in the world of fashion, a pattern more recognisable than plaid? Originating from the “tartan” fabric style popular in Pakistan in the past, this print has become famous around the world and a must-have for millions of people. Plaid ladies dresses are now a plus for casual wear for women.

The Best Style Tips

There is no right or wrong way way to wear this style. These basic suggestions are, however, intended for both men and women, if you are looking for a place to start.

Wear one piece of checked clothing at a time

The tiles come in various styles and colors. Its cross lines nevertheless imply that they will certainly attract attention. This means that matching several pieces of plaid clothing will be too much.

This rule suffers no exception. You can usually escape by wearing two checked items if you have an accessory with this print (such as a scarf, bag, hat or gloves) to match your checkered piece.

When in doubt, coordinate your tiles with solid and neutral colors

This is an excellent choice of style to adopt when trying to add tiles to your wardrobe. In addition, the more neutral tones are versatile to match with plaid patterns. Each plaid shirt will not necessarily match any bright colour like yellow, for example, but most of them will coordinate nicely with simple jeans or canvas pants.

Neutral colours include white, black, sand, faded denim blue, gray and most browns and beiges.

Match a colour present in the clothes to another colour you are wearing

You do not necessarily need to coordinate tiles with neutral tones. Try to choose a colour that is close to one of the other colours of your outfit if you want to wear tiles with pretty colourful clothes.

If for example, you wear bright blue jeans, you might want to wear a check shirt with stripes similar to this shade of blue. The colour does not need to be perfectly coordinated. A light blue can match dark blue and so on best for plaid ladies dresses.

Plaid can make the perfect dress shirt for men. Photo: Stokpic, Pixabay

Choose the colour you need according to the occasion

Clothing sellers online today offer effects in a huge variety of colours and shades. This means that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to putting on an outfit. There is no strict rule here, as long as you follow the colour association rules discussed above, but you will find some further suggestions below.

  1. Bright, cheerful colors tend to be the best for casual events and the hottest months of the year.
  2. Darker, more muted shades are more recommended for more formal occasions and for colder weather. You probably will not wear pink checks, for example, for a job interview, but navy blue tiles should do the trick.
  3. A very intricate plaid pattern can give a high-end, intellectual vibration, especially when paired with a nice jacket and pretty shoes.
  4. Simple and brightly colored tiles give a very robust and working impression. Woodcutters, for example, are often represented with black and bright red checked shirts.

Choose a comfortable fabric for the season

Tiles are the name of the pattern and not the fabric, so you can find checked items in a wide variety of ladies dresses. In general, you should find something that is consistent with the weather outside, not too hot and not too late either. You will find below some seasonal suggestions.

Spring: light cotton or flannel shirts, umbrellas, tights, hats and shoes.

Summer: lightweight cotton shirts (knotted at the waist when it’s hot), skirts, shorts, sweaters and other t-shirts.

Autumn: heavier flannel shirts, rain boots, raincoats, hats.

Winter: thick flannel shirts, jackets, boots and scarves.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
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