8 best fashion tips for the working girl

Appearance is important and it is especially vital when you’re in the working world because all that matters is making a first impression. All the working ladies who don’t have any time for fashion, you can make some small tweaks to the way you dress daily for a fashionable promotion.

Fashion Tip #1: Fitness first

Make sure your clothes fit you perfectly so that you look the part. Keep this in mind, especially when you go for an interview or when you’re out hunting for clients, because the way you present yourself can go a long way.

There might be a lot of people who have your skills but there shouldn’t be anyone else who has your style. An interviewer was once distracted by a man’s short tie. When fitting your clothes make sure you apply the same policy to your accessories as well. An ill-fitting frame can be very disturbing.

Fashion Tip #2: Dress according to your industry

You can rock a pair of shorts with a thigh high pair of boots or wear a nice shirt with some printed pants. Be it fashion or insurance keep in mind to always have a little fun with your clothes from your Monday morning blues to your Friday casuals.

Fashion Tip #3: Keep a watch of your watch

One accessory that both men and women notice is watches. Wearing a good watch can make you look exquisite and well rounded.

For those with bigger arms try wearing watches that have smaller dials and the other way around for those with thinner arms. Strap watches have a certain amount of sophistication but nothing comes close to a beautiful rose gold analog watch.

working girl watch
A nice watch is certainly a must for the working girl. Photo: Fizkes, Bigstock

Fashion Tip #4: Keep them bright

Keep those colors bright and right. Darker colors often portray a stronger impression than lighter ones. Keep in mind to stand out when you’re giving a presentation and not to match the wall behind you. Also avoid shades of neon because “that’s so not professional”.

Fashion Tip #5: Keep it simple

When you accessorise keep in mind not to overdo it because less is the new more. A statement can be made in a short sentence.

A ring on every finger and five chains around your neck is not fetching you any promotions. Make sure that your jewelry doesn’t make a lot of noise because that can cause a little trouble.

Fashion Tip #6: Cover it up

If you’re sexy and you know it, that’s enough. It’s very distracting and also gives a wrong impression. Avoid clothes that are too short and tops that are too low – also heels that are too high. You’re at work, remember?

Fashion Tip #7: Make up

Keep it low when it comes to make up. Keep your lips neutral and always go for a subtle elegance. You could go louder on the lips if you have less eye make up. This again is for you to look the part. Also keep in mind to get yourself regular pedicures. Keep your nails polished if they are going to make a show.

Fashion Tip #8: Hair

Your hair must be simple and neat. Make sure your hair is not wet because you don’t want to be the manager who can’t manage her own hair. Tie it up into a neat bun or a ponytail. If that’s too mainstream or boring for you add some streaks of colour and keep it fabulous.

Whatever industry you may be working for remember to keep it classy and keep heads turning if you want more leads. With your sense of professionalism and work ethical, all your need is a little dip into fashion. In this corporate world you might want to be the devil wearing Prada!

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
Talia loves all things fashion and beauty. She has dedicated many years of her life towards this industry and she has first hand experience with the best it has to offer. Contact: [email protected]
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