Reasons why every bride needs dance lessons

Whether it’s to guarantee a magical first dance with their partner or just impress the in-laws, there’s always a good reason for bridal dance lessons. It’s the biggest day in a couple’s relationship so if the bride wants to make it truly special, she should be well versed in at least one routine.

Not only do these lessons prepare a couple to impress their guests but also helps couples to learn about each other and grow through learning a new skill.

Here are the top reasons why every bride needs to get some dance lessons.

Make the most of the moment

Every wife to be knows that the first romp between them and their partner is one of the most special parts of their wedding. It’s one of the few times that there won’t be any emcee or wedding planner directing the couple on what to do.

This is why it’s so important for couples to do their own preparation. If they want to make the moment pleasant and memorable for guests, they’d do well to practise as much as they can. This is also the time where all the focus is on the new couple, so it’s a perfect opportunity to guarantee some amazing photos.

The first dance is a highly symbolic moment during the wedding and a couple should do as much as they can to make the most of it. Knowing how to move is the first and most important step in doing that.

Calm the nerves and improve fitness

Unless the bride simply loves attention in all its forms, she’ll likely be pretty nervous about how she will perform at the wedding. This is especially true when all eyes are on her and her partner while they’re dancing together.

Dancing is a proven way to both reduce stress and keep the body healthy. Organising a wedding is one of the most stressful parts of any woman’s life and they can find little time to enjoy themselves.

Bridal dance lessons are perfect because they allow for exercise and fun all while working towards a wedding related goal. It also gives the chance to learn a new skill that is healthy and can be continued well after the big day.

Learn how to move in the dress

Most women have had to boogie in a regular dress before, but a wedding dress is a whole different ball park. Because of the many different styles of wedding dresses available, there’s no way to truly prepare for dancing in them without practise.

Dance lessons will allow the bride to master moving in their gown and help them make sure they can tackle any range of motion on the wedding day. If she can tango in the dress then she shouldn’t have any trouble with other activities.

Build confidence between partners

In the midst of all the various disagreements couples will have in the wedding planning process, it can sometimes be hard for them to remember why they’re getting married in the first place. Dance lessons are a perfect way for a couple to reconnect in between the stressful planning of seating arrangements and catering.

Since couple’s dancing requires a great deal of confidence and trust, it’s a perfect way to squash those pre marriage jitters. It will strengthen the connection both partners have and that will definitely show when showing of those moves at the wedding.

The couple will also learn more about each other, such as what they are comfortable doing and what new things they are prepared to do. Many times one partner will be more excited for the first dance than the other. Dance lessons are a great way to break down any anxieties or fears that may be causing hesitation.

Proper dancing with a partner is a group project that requires shared input from both parties. Each person has to multi-task and relies on each other to remember several steps. The way a couple handles this process can be indicative of how they will cope with more stressful situations in their marriage.

Using dance lessons as a way to connect, stay fit and have fun is a concrete way to help ensure a lasting marriage.

There are so many great reasons to take up bridal dance lessons that go beyond simply preparing for a wedding ritual. This partner activity requires trust and dedication, strengthening the already tight bonds between couples that want to spend their lives together.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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