Senior beauticians reveal their best beauty secrets

We all want to look gorgeous and feel our best. However, not all of us can afford to drop tons of money at a salon or spa every week. Luckily, you don’t need to run off to the professionals each week if you have their secrets in your arsenal. To help you feel your best from head to toe senior beauticians reveal their best beauty secrets.

The secret to youthful skin is simpler than you think

Whenever we get a facial, it seems like the aesthetician is constantly promoting tons of different serums, gels and lotions. While some of these products can be great for giving our skin a glow and healing blemishes, there is one skincare trick that every aesthetician agrees on. Indeed, the secret to youthful skin is sunscreen.

While spa-quality skincare products are great, nothing beats prevention. If you really want to keep your skin gorgeous for as long as possible, wear sunscreen every single day, all year round. Not only will this prevent skin cancer, but it’s the absolute best way of preventing fine lines. If you’re worried about looking too oily, try a mattifying formula.

The spa has benefits beyond our looks

Most of us go to the salon to get gorgeous hair and we go to the spa to get glowing skin. However, beauticians know that the spa and salon have benefits that go well beyond our looks. Spa treatments and deluxe hair treatments have been found to reduce stress, improve morale and even improve our physical health.

If you can’t afford weekly or monthly visits, then try to create a spa experience at home. Invest in little indulgences like bath salts, quality hair and skin products, candles and perhaps even a thigh-length waffle robe. Treating yourself isn’t about being selfish or self-absorbed; rather, it’s about improving your wellness both inside and out.

Beauty secrets
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You should be gentler on your hair

One of the consistent themes that senior beauticians’ secrets reveal is that most people really don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to doing their hair at home. A lot of people seem to erroneously think that the key to gorgeous hair is slathering it with products, brushing it into submission and then using a wide array of heat styling techniques on it.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The secret to healthy, shiny hair that’s free of split ends is being as gentle to it as possible. While stylists use heat styling techniques to do your hair in the salon, most of them don’t advocate for it on a daily basis. Most stylists recommend regular air-drying for healthy hair.

You probably don’t need to be shampooing as often as you are, either. One of the best ways to get gorgeous hair without torturing it with styling techniques is by giving yourself a blowout at the beginning of the week and then just leaving your hair alone for the next seven days, periodically using dry shampoo to get rid of any oil that accumulates on the roots.

Choose your products wisely

Most beauticians are fans of salon-grade hair products. This is because there actually is a difference between salon products and the cheap products you find at the drugstore. Salon products tend to have higher concentrations of the hair-friendly ingredients that make products effective, where drugstore products tend to mostly just be scented detergents so best beauty secrets lie in quality.

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on hair products. Instead, experiment with different products and brands until you find something that works for you. You can be a “product snob” without having to take out loans to pay for your shampoo. It’s all about shopping around and testing different things.

The bottom line

When it comes down to it, the biggest tip that any aesthetician or beautician can teach you is to be gentle and loving to your skin and hair. The more love you show your skin and hair, the more love they’ll show you back. Treat yourself, use great products and learn to love the process of caring for your appearance.

Mariyam Abid
Mariyam Abid
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