Secrets to help any woman look and feel 10 years younger

No matter what age number you might hit, it is still only a number. Numbers don’t mean much unless you don’t feel content, gorgeous and sexy from the inside. As time passes by, our face, skin, eyes and even hair tend to notice the difference of that change.

However, you don’t need to be depressed or disappointed because there are some tricks that you can do to look flawless after 40. Here you have secrets to looking 10 years younger and absolutely stunning.

Rehabilitate your wardrobe

Even if you are long past your 30’s, that doesn’t mean that you have to start wearing baggy clothes and granny shoes. Toss outdated and unflattering blouses and trousers from your wardrobe, and replace them with vivacious ones.

You don’t need to bring back the funky 70’s, but rejuvenate your wardrobe with fitted dresses, get more earthy and brownish shirts and jackets. Opt for wearing jeans and tighter shirts for your everyday style. By following top-fashion trends, you will definitely look and feel like you are in your 20’s all over again.

Reinvigorate your hair

Another great advice that would make you look (and feel) younger and fabulous, is to freshen up your hairstyle, and of course to cover up your greys. If you are going to dye your hair, pay attention to use natural and mild products which won’t damage your hair.

You had better see a professional stylist, who will know how to dye your hair so that you achieve fresher and younger look. Be a little bit wild, and completely change the hairstyle. Cut it shorter than usual, have highlights done, or simply transform your hairstyle by changing the colour.

Take care of your skin

Many Australians have been spending an abundance of money on various facial and cosmetic products. Unless you have visited the dermatologist, who have determined your skin type and what best suits your face, that is a waste of money.

In order to look immaculate and younger, you need to use proper moisturiser in the morning and night. Use gentle facial cleanser daily, and if you are not satisfied with your wrinkles and aging skin, then you can also do something fruitful about it.

You can find a professional cosmetic surgeon in Sydney and do a facelift or simple anti-wrinkle treatment. Cosmetic surgery is no longer a taboo topic, and many people opt for it due to the effectiveness of the procedures and quality results.

Get active

Generally, this is always a good idea, no matter your age. When you exercise every day, you enliven your body and keep it in proper shape. You don’t need to go to a gym, but rather go brisk walking with neighbours, ride a bike around the lake, or do yoga in the morning.

Get active
Bike riding is great exercise. Photo: MabelAmber, Pixabay

Any kind of low-impact exercises is good for well-being and fitness. Don’t get intimidated if you suddenly get sore, that is all part of the process. If you start aching due to some workout, then go to a relaxing massage. The professional massage can revamp your body and muscles, and even make you feel younger and ready to face new challenges.

Revitalise your body

As you should do regular exercise, you should also maintain a healthy diet. There is some truth in the phrase “you are what you eat”. Many foods can have a negative influence on your face, skin, and body.

For that reason, avoid saturated fats and sugar, especially crisps and sugared drinks. Eat three healthy meals a day, drink plenty of water, intake more food rich in Vitamin C like broccoli and oranges, which can also help you look younger.

For instance, sweet potato can make your skin glow, berries, and other antioxidants will keep the skin fresh. If you eat processed foods, you can get overweight, and that would make you look older than you really are.

Feel sensational

There are some little secrets that you can do to feel and look younger. First of all, drink more red wine. Oh yes, red wine actually has many health-boosting properties and one of them is anti-ageing. Wine contains resveratrol which keeps your skin safe from UV radiation, and it tastes delicious, so just go for it.

Next, smile more often. Laughter is a great stress reliever and getting rid of unwanted tension can help you prevent premature ageing. And above all, go out more often. Instead of inviting your friends to your house, have dinner in a fancy restaurant, drink coffee in a local cafe, and simply relax and enjoy.

The biggest secret to looking younger is to be yourself! Just buy that dress, go to that club, and do whatever your heart desires.

Sasha Duncan
Sasha Duncan
Sasha Duncan is a journalist and literature enthusiast who enjoys writing and learning new things about interior design. She loves reading crime novels and being with her dogs, Maya and Buster.
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