Rescuing our fading tangle of memories

It’s a familiar sight for many of us, cartons of old VHS tapes gathering dust in a cabinet, garage, or storage facility. Those very same VHS tapes often hold amazing memories, tribulations and triumphs, epic fails, and glory days.

Anyone who can think back to that era, when there was a VHS player in every home knows what we are talking about.

There’s a treasure trove of memories lying untouched and neglected in your home. Even if you still have a VHS player to watch those old videos, there’s a risk they could break, tangle or simply perish from over-use and old age.

VHS tape trauma

For those who care to remember, those well-used VCRs often bit their owners by chewing up the very VHS tapes they were meant to be playing. Alternatively, the VHS tape itself would eventually wear out as it lost its protective coating.

If they weren’t wearing out, they were forever getting jammed in the VCR. This was especially traumatic if that tape happened to be the sole copy of a favorite childhood moment or important family memory.

Bridging the technology gap

The days when VHS players were mass-produced are long gone. Hollywood hasn’t released a blockbuster movie on VHS in the last ten years. Most of us thought them obsolete, dead and gone to technology heaven.

However, there is a solution to that dilemma, thanks to advances in digital transfer technology. Now you can convert those treasured memories into a DVD or a USB. No more having to wait until you get home to watch them. With a VHS to DVD and USB transfer service, you can watch your classic content anytime, anywhere.

Getting a buzz out of your classic VHSA woman sitting on a bed rescuing her tangled memories pulling a VHS out of a box.

One of the problems with your old VHS tapes is they were never designed to last forever. The magnetic layer on them degrades, particularly if they are stored somewhere dusty, humid, or where mold can multiply and have its wicked way with your tapes.

Transferring your VHS to DVD, stores your classic content using a format that minimizes their risk of deterioration. After all, many of those tapes represent a valuable part of your life. Converting your VHS to DVD format gives you a lightweight, space-efficient, and convenient storage format. Moreover, DVD players are going to be around for the next twenty years or so.

While you are converting your VHS to DVD, take the opportunity to have your tapes cleaned up. Visually, they’ll look great. You can watch them on your laptop, home DD player, or while traveling as a passenger in a car.

DVDs have oodles of storage space and are also cheap, especially when you buy in bulk. Once you have a DVD writer, you can make as many copies as you like. They make fabulous gifts for the family around Father’s or Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas.

The pleasure of a (USB) stick

USBs have been around for ages. They’re cheap, hold a lot (and I mean a lot) of content. If space is a concern, USBs are fabulous! Some USBs are only half an inch long but store one terabyte of memory.

USB is a smart option if you are planning to convert and store almost all your VHS tapes.

Plus, a USB can be plugged into virtually any digital device including your smart TV, LCD, Laptop, Desktop, and even some brands of the smartphone (sorry Apple).

Stored content on your USB is so easy to share with other family members or friends who hold a place in those special memories.

Moreover, you can easily upload your digital files to the cloud where they can be conveniently accessed any time and from any location, wherever you happen to be.

You can post your digital USB files online, easily edit your converted videos, and even convert them into vines. You can post them on social media if you want your friends and followers to see how you looked in your teens.

Your USB data can be easily secured by keeping a backup of your recordings on your laptop, desktop, or a cloud storage service.

USB data is easily shared with other family members who are a part of your memories and you can easily upload your digital files to the Cloud where you can easily access them any time and from any location, wherever you happen to be.

Never have to rewind a VHS tape againA VHS tape for rescuing fading memories.

Back in the dim, dark ancient past, otherwise known as the 1980s, VHS tapes dominated the home movie universe. VHS offered everything from home movies to Hollywood blockbusters. Now Tapes To Digital offer a smart VHS to DVD converter service.

Both the DVDs and USB options are reasonably priced and offer considerable ease of storage as well as simplicity of use.

While the final decision rests with you if you have some extra dosh and you prefer to keep your memories secure, then saving them on both a USB as well as a DVD is a savvy idea. After all the idea here is to save your memories for future use.

Converting your VHS into DVD or USB

Tapestodigital is an Australian company that aims to extend the life of your memories and preserve them well into the future. They are experts at transferring your VHS magnetic tape recordings to DVDs and USBs.

Tapestodigital’s services are available all-around Australia and they are easy to contact. You can get a quote online from them to get an idea of their cost. Their very affordable pricing starts from just $14. They can convert VHS tapes, Camcorder tapes, Hi8, 8mm, Digital8, miniDV, Betamax, and audio cassettes to digital, including DVDs and USBs. They also repair damaged and broken tapes to recover your valuable data.


Once you’ve converted your VHS to DVD or USB, you can secure them in a whole host of ways. You can have as many backups as you want including USB, DVD, Portable Hard drive, and best of all, online via a cloud storage service.

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