5 best immigration lawyers in Melbourne

Finding a good immigration lawyer can make the world of difference to your case giving you the best chance for success. However amongst the midst of dealing with a case of such importance you can become overwhelmed and have trouble finding the attorney that is the right choice for you. On top of that, if you have never hired an attorney before you may be completely unaware of the processes that you should be taking to ensure that the professional that you decide to work with is the right choice.

When you are dealing with immigration cases it is vital that you select a candidate that is very experienced and has the determination to get you the result that you need. The searching process normally begins with countless hours of research to ensure that your list of candidates meet your needs and expectations.

Local immigration lawyers in Melbourne:

No.: Immigration Law Firm: Website:
1 Carina Ford Lawyers carinafordlawyers.com
2 Bardo Lawyers belawyers.com.au
3 Abode Migration Lawyers abodemigration.com.au
4 Visa Plan Migration Lawyers visaplan.com.au
5 My Australian Visa myaustralianvisa.com

#1 Carina Ford Lawyers

Immigration Lawyers Melbourne

Carina Ford Lawyers are fully committed to helping their clients that reside in the Australia and New Zealand area. They are one of Australia’s largest and reputable law firms that specialise in helping individuals migrate into Australia. The fully qualified and experienced team care about their clients and do everything in their power to provide them with immigration law services. Their practice and services are done in a professional and ethical manner that focuses on providing justice to all members of the community.

To ensure that you are getting the best service possible, all of the team currently hold a practising certificate with the Supreme Court of Victoria and are registered members of the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority. In addition many of the attorneys are also members of the Migration Institute of Australia.

Carina Ford Lawyers’ commitment and dedication to social justice extends past what other firms would commit to the issue. Additional to many of the members of the law firm being a part of committees that are focussed at assisting refugees and migrants, the team has also contributed to various Senate Committees about migration issues including the upcoming changes to the legislation.

The very accommodating team at Carina Ford Lawyers have an extensive history of assisting referred clients from the Justice Connect as well as providing reduced fees and pro bono cases where it is appropriate.

#2 Bardo Lawyers

immigration lawyers based in melbourne

Bardo Lawyers is a boutique law firm in Victoria with a nation-wide reputation and presence. They have four offices in the Australia which include the suburbs of the Melbourne CBD, Glenroy, Regents Park and Parramatta. Their ability to utilise innovative strategies and systems allows them to deliver you with a reliable strategy in a time efficient manner. Bardo Lawyers is a strong advocate for local communities and work with them on a consistent basis to help make them reach their full potential.

While Bardo Lawyers is one of the best immigration law firms in Melbourne, they also specialise in estate law, commercial law and family law. Their wide field of specialisation comes from the adaption to the needs of their clients. By specialising in these fields they are able to give their clients a comprehensive service to help them work through the many problems that they may be facing.

Their effective use of communication means that you will be on top of your case at all points. Rather than speaking at you, Bardo Lawyers are able to communicate with their clients in a jargon-free manner that allows them to fully understand and interpret what is going on.

#3 Abode Migration Lawyers

Melbourne immigration law firm

Abode Migration Lawyers are able to offer a fully comprehensive immigration law service to ensure that you get the best result possible. Their lawyers have years of experience and expertise under their belt that is just waiting for you to utilise. Additionally their expert lawyers come with a number if qualities that you would want to see from your legal representation such as: empathy and the understanding of your case, the willingness to fight for you no matter what, advice on all areas that you are dealing with and assistance to help you when you need it most.

No matter what your circumstances are, Adobe Migration Lawyers are there to help to provide support and representation during any type of immigration matters. They are able to provide assistance with refusals from the tribunal and Federal Circuit Court to help you with the dire situation that you are in. Additionally when you opt to hire the services of an Adobe attorney they will be able to guide you through the entire process to help you gain a better understanding of the proceedings and how they should carry out.

If this sounds like the perfect law firm for you be sure to fill out their enquiry form so that you can get access to a free 15 minute initial consultation.

#4 Visa Plan Migration Lawyers

Local immigration lawyers in Melbourne

Visa Plan Migration Lawyers is Australia’s leading migration law practice with offices in both Melbourne and South Korea. Founded by James Bae in 2019, he made the firm with the intent of providing legal services that focus on integrity, reliability and quality. Going above and beyond, they are not only setting but exceeding the standards for Australian migration industry.

The Principal Solicitor, James, is highly experienced in litigation with his background as a Government Solicitor having represented various agencies of the Australian Federal Government. His professional credentials have transformed the organization into a migration law firm that specialises in complex appeals.

‘Visa Plan Migration Lawyers’ is regarded in the profession as a well-rounded legal firm providing top quality services in appeals, partner and investor visa matters. Their team of professional lawyers are known by the present and past clients for their competence and professionalism. With Visa Plan Migration Lawyers on your side, you are one step closer to accomplishing your Australian Dream. Apply with Visa Plan Migration Lawyers, Apply with 100% confidence!

#5 My Australian Visa

My Australian Visa

My Australia Visa are a group of expert immigration lawyers in Melbourne that was established in 2003. Their team can provide expert advice and assist you throughout the entire process of trying to obtain an Australian Visa. Be it permanent sponsorship or a temporary Visa, you can be sure that you have an expert in your corner helping you along every step of the process.

When you enlist the services of My Australian Visa you can rest assured knowing that your application process is free of stress and completed in a relatively quick timeframe. Completing your application in this manner in turn saves you a lot of time and money which can be a problem for many families and individuals who are short on both.

If this scenario is resonating with be sure to give them a call or submit an enquiry at any time. Their helpful team will be more than happy to assist you with your application.

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