Pramod Dhakal from Hitechies provides an overview of emerging digital technologies

Hitechies is one of the most popular and highly regarded blogs specialising in digital tech-related news. Founded by Pramod Dhakal, Hitechies explores all things relating to digital technology, including cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, start-ups and digital transformation. Hitechies is a terrific blog for entrepreneurs, business owners or people with a genuine interest in digital innovations. It’s easy to keep up to date with Hitechies!

Pramod answered a few questions we had about his blog and some of his favourite innovations in the tech space.

Hi Pramod. When did you start Hitechies, and did you ever envision that it would be as comprehensive as it is now?

When we started hitechies in 2010 it was never an intent to become a content publisher platform in technology sector. Originally we operated as a digital marketing agency simply offering services around its periphery  to our clients.

Every now and then we used write articles and share it in our blog with experience helping our clients on achieving their goals. We often used to create best practices that can help user attain certain challenges. And that was very well received by our followers.

Only last year we realized that we are even better at sharing stories of many entrepreneurs. As a result we converted our website into a publishing platform.

We are talking to many leaders and entrepreneurs of various interesting startups. We discuss on various challenges and how their companies can overcome those challenges.

I would not say we are comprehensive yet. I believe we are producing qualitative content and that has been working for us. We see a great possibility in terms of creating various content that can be interesting for lot of startups and other tech communities.

Hitechies Podcast has also been well received by our audience and we are quite excited and almost challenged to put together interesting discussions every episode.

Did you have any experience in digital technologies before starting the blog?

First off all I am very curios about various technologies that are upcoming. I am always looking for startups who are solving worldly problems with their ideas. In addition to that I personally have a background in computer science and have dedicated the last two decade in exploring and understanding various technologies and being in and around the technological space.  I lead large scale transformation project in various companies. Having years of experience in tech space as well as being curios it was a no brainer to be involved with starting the blog.

For you personally, what are your favorite topics to discuss in the digital world?

Generally I read, watch and write about many different  topics.  However, I am quite fascinated by blockchain, defi (decentralized finance) and digital transformation.

In your opinion, which area of digital technology has changed the most over the last decade or so? Why do you think this is the case? 

Financial sector has changed rapidly I would say. You will see a lot of startups in the fintech space where they are disrupting the market with innovative ideas.

I recently wrote an article in the same context  called future of banking which suggests new technologies that are coming up and the solutions the new startups offers.

For those looking to break into the digital space, what would be your recommendations to ensure success?

It’s a challenging space as we have to be constantly aware of new innovations as well as better insights.

Being patient is important specially when we cannot find a relevant source of information.

Being curious and willing to learn will help to become relevant in digital space.

Do a lot of research before talking to the news source.

Be critical of your own work.

Thank you Pramod for your time!
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Samantha Rigby
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