What is off grid solar and how does it work

With solar power being a something that has been made available to many of us due to the supplies that are available by companies that provide solar power with their large fields or set ups of equipment. There are facilities dedicated to creating solar power which can then be used those who have applied for the use of electricity from these companies.

This will cost you based on the amount of electricity you used and of course aside from just the application and fees for the access to such power, you will be paying for the amount of electricity you consume which is detected by meters and other sorts of calculating methods to be managed, recorded and later on turned for a transaction to be charged to you by bill which is basically known as the on grid solar power as the solar panels connect to the system in the facility to be stored and distributed amongst those who apply for this type of electricity from the company.

Off Grid Solar System

An off grid solar system is basically the same set up however, this is entirely supplied by you and the rights to use them are yours and yours alone without the need to pay for the usage. It is your own independent solar power system which you may use to power your household items. This can be set up by first acquiring all the necessary parts for the system, which can usually be purchased at respective places that sell such equipment or order online. Packages may be available for easy understanding and set up and once you have the equipment, you may set it up yourself or have professionals set them up for you.

From then on the solar panels you have set up will be providing electricity which will be processed by your whole solar power system to be saved for the use in your home. Sometimes the energy saved can last for even when it reaches night and this can either be used as back up energy or a good substitute to the costlier electricity that you are usually paying for.


The advantage of having an off grid solar power system is that it is your own and you need not pay to use it, of course you will have to purchase it which is considered an investment but from then on you will have unlimited access to almost an infinite amount of energy since the sun will always turn up every now and then, electricity will always be provided from time to time. This can save you money and reduce the costs of your everyday household electricity consumption.

What is off grid solar and how does it work
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In the event of power outages or other circumstances, the solar power that has been converted into electricity may be used as a substitute as well. In most cases people who have vacation homes or other homes they wish not get an electricity bill for may set up solar power systems to provide a decent amount of electricity.

The better the equipment you have the higher the chances you may have enough electricity to last you until the next day. Depending on what set up you have, you may be able to have access to your own electricity even during the night if enough power is saved and the storage for the electricity from the solar power system can carry enough.


There are a few drawbacks such as the initial investment you will be taking which is actually buying the equipment first. This can be very costly if you are looking for an alternative to the usual everyday electricity usage. Good knowledge about solar power systems is also required to understand how they function and you will also need to know how and where they should be placed if you do not have experts working on them. There may be times bad weather may cause damage if the solar panels are not properly placed or are not safe in their location and there are times where weather or shade may cause less power to be generated.


Having your own solar power system is something you should really be excited about but you can’t expect to pay just a standard price for just any equipment if you want a complete alternative. The better you want your experience and supply when it comes to solar power systems, the more you will need to spend. This is a pretty big investment but later on can prove to save you more money than you would have spent in the long run with normal electric companies. Off grid solar systems are pretty useful and can sometimes be considered a good alternative provided you have the funds to purchase and the ability to set it up or have someone set it up for you.

Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams is a journalist who has written for publications including the West Torrens Express, SMH and Deutsch Today.
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