Is Tinder Gold worth it?

Imagine scrolling your feed on Tinwer when you notice a pop-up: It says to upgrade your free version to the paid ones, like Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum. Before Matching, Send a Message! Priority Favorites!

Active users of this dating app are probably aware that these in-app adverts, but rewinding to your last swipe, is only available if you switch to the paid version.

Tinder Gold is one of the premium memberships available if you want to access the premium features of this dating app. Until Tinder released Tinder Platinum, it was a high-tier membership.

Since its first premiere, Tinder Gold has been many people’s thoughts. It is more pricey than Tinder Plus, the app’s other subscription option. Although there are many other best dating apps in Australia you can swipe to find your perfect match.

But let’s get to know more about Tinder Gold in detail.

Whether or not Tinder Gold is worth the price difference is determined by the value of the added features.

Gold Edition has all of the features included in Plus Edition, including two additional new features. The two new additions with the gold version allow you to view the person who has liked you.

It is now up to the user if these two features are worth investing your money in or not. However, it can be a decent deal for many of the users.

Let dig deep into the added features in the Gold.

Everything about Tinder Gold

Overall, there are over 10+ features compared to the free edition of this dating app.

So, what are the benefits you can get from Gold?

More than ten new features improve your ability to meet your new connection.

Swipe limitless

The app’s free version allows you to swipe on a limited amount of profiles in 24 hours. But with the paid version you can swipe as much you can This will be a game-changing remedy for someone impatient with love.

Monthly Tinder boosts

If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough attention from the boys and girls, you can always use the Tinder Boost that comes with your monthly subscription.

This places you at the top of all the males’ and females’ tinders, ensuring that they notice you before anyone else.

This dating app claims to have evidence to back up and double your number of matches. This is an excellent feature if you want to be noticed wherever you go.

Daily 5 superlikes

You’ll get five super likes every day in addition to the Tinder Boost you get once a month. You can use these to show the boys/girls you’re most interested in and let them know you’re serious about them.

When you super like any boy/girl on Tinder, you’re more likely to get a like back. This should assist you in increasing the likelihood of meeting the people you want to meet.

Rewind prior swipes

Almost everyone who has used Tinder can recall the first time they saw that perfect boy/girl and clicked right, never to see her again.

You’ll never have to revisit those awful memories, thanks to Tinder Gold’s rewind feature. Tap the rewind button to undo your last swipe the next time your finger incorrectly betrays you and swipes.

Who said you don’t have a second chance in life?

Tinder passport allows you to swipe anywhere

Don’t you hate it when you go on vacation and can’t start swiping until you get there? You, of course, do!

Who doesn’t want someone waiting for them before they are at their destined location? You can swipe wherever and whenever you want with this feature of the gold edition. That way, you’ll be able to set a beautiful date for yourself before you land at your destination.

Privacy controls

If you like to keep some anonymity until you meet in person, the app’s new profile restrictions are a nice feature. It allows you to hide your profile’s few aspects like distance from possible connection, age, or both.

Finally, age discrimination in the internet world has ended, and you can meet up with anybody you choose.

AD free

Of course, there are a lot of adverts in the free edition of the application. They even spoof them as profiles to make them simpler to inadvertently click on. You will never see another advertisement if you upgrade to the gold edition of the app.

Likes tab feature

You can see who swiped left on you with the new like you tab. It will group everyone who has liked you but hasn’t swiped yet.

You can look through a list of ladies who have already matched you on the like you page. This is one of the essential features added to the new gold version.

It will change your entire dating life if you don’t like surprises. You’ll never have to worry about rejection again if you swipe on the boys/girls who have already indicated an interest in you.

Top picks tab

This is the latest final updated feature of the gold version. There is also a tab for Tinder’s best-proposed matches for you, in addition to the new like you tab.

This tab displays a list of boys and girls Tinder believes you’ll get along with. While it isn’t as exciting as getting a new like on your tab, it does add to the entire experience.

The final takeaway

Tinder Gold’s worth is entirely dependent on your particular tastes. Because dating is such a personal experience, it’s tough to predict how much someone will value the new tabs without getting to know them.

Finally, if you are the type of person who wants the best possible experience, gold will be well worth the extra cost. However, if you place a high value on the cost-benefit ratio, the Plus edition of the program may be the best bet for you.

You can always try out a month of gold and then drop to the Plus version if you’re not happy with the benefit ratio. There’s no harm in giving it a shot.

Susan Garcia
Susan Garcia
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