Traveling light: 5 minimalist packing tips for female travelers adventuring Australia

If you’re planning a trip to Oz (or around Oz if you’re a born and bred Aussie), then you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the country, and the number of opportunities, sightseeing spots, and adventures that lie ahead. What’s more, you might feel like you need to bring your entire wardrobe with you, plus every little gadget you own because who knows what might happen on the road – perhaps you will need your winter jacket in the middle of December in Canberra? No, you really won’t, so calm down, and let’s look at this from a backpacker’s perspective.

Everything you need for an amazing adventure across Australia can fit in your backpack, but you need to know how to eliminate the things you don’t need from your list, you need to learn the age-old art of space management, and you need to organize your packing list into a few essential groups. Okay, let’s get right down to it: here are the minimalist packing tips all female travelers should adhere to while adventuring Australia.

Pack and organize all the necessary documentation

First up, let’s talk about your travel documentation. For a minimalist packer, space management is everything, but even though you could just jam your passport, insurance, and money into a free pocket in your backpack, this is not exactly the best way to secure your precious belongings. So naturally, there’s a time to be a minimalist, and a time to be a smart traveler, especially if you’re traveling solo. The best way to organize your travel documentation is to get one of those money belts, or a separate bag, like a fanny pack.

Whether or not you’re stylish and cool enough to rock a fanny pack in the 21st century is beside the point here, because the most important thing is that you always know where your most valuable travel necessities are. Don’t splurge, though, just grab a small money belt that can hold all of your essentials, and keep your money separate from your backpack.

Clothes you can wear anywhere and everywhere

Next, let’s talk clothes. It can be quite difficult to part with your favorite pieces, especially if you’re not sure what’s waiting for you on your exploits – because one day you might be trekking across the Blue Mountains in NSW, and a couple of days later you might be sipping on a fine single-malt whiskey in a fancy Melbourne distillery, and so you want to be prepared for every occasion. The trick here is to bring the types of clothes you can wear in every situation across Australia.

For example, if you have a sturdy pair of boots, you don’t really need any special shoes for the outdoors. Just dust them off before you head out on the town and you’re good to go. The same goes for jeans, a basic T-shirt, and a perhaps a light leather jacket. That said, if you’re still not sure what to pack, then you can make the process easier with two simple rules: pack according to the itinerary, as well as the current climate. 

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Pay special attention to your undergarments

Okay, the things you wear underneath are so important that they deserve a separate mention. It can be quite difficult to imagine that you can be a minimalist packer when it comes to undergarments, especially if you’re going on an extended trip. While it’s not easy, though, it is doable. Firstly, remember to pack light, breezy undergarments to ensure comfort.

Next, bring durable pieces such as bamboo women’s socks that will help your feet stay dry, comfortable no matter the occasion, and will allow you to go that extra mile. The same goes for bras – it’s always a better option to bring sports bras that are light, durable, and offer plenty of support. Remember, comfort is the name of the game, so don’t bring any undergarments that might itch, scratch, or worse, tear.

Don’t forget about the essential tech

It should go without saying that technology is one of the most important elements of enjoyable and comfortable travel, but that doesn’t mean that you should pack your entire home office for the road. Some of the essential gadgets you need are your smartphone, a DSLR or adventure camera (not necessary if you have an amazing camera on your phone), a charger, a power adapter if you’re traveling from abroad, an external hard drive and a power bank (again, not necessary if you have a good phone), and of course, an e-reader to make the time pass by faster as you’re traveling between destinations.

The necessary toiletries and makeup

And lastly, every gal needs to bring her essential toiletries and some basic makeup. There’s no need to go overboard here, as everything can fit in a nice plastic bag, you just need to know what to bring. First, ditch the various lotions and oils for a single, all-around whole-body lotion to save space. 

Bring a dry shampoo so that you can wash your hair on the road, and as for makeup, just stick to the essentials: a tinted moisturizer, mascara, an eyebrow pencil, and your favorite lipstick. The best part is that you can find all of these products in small, travel-size packets that make packing even easier and help you minimize the clutter in your bag. 

In closing

We tend to pack according to the destination, oftentimes thinking that if we’re visiting a single city, then we can pack light, but if we’re adventuring across an entire country, then we need to bring three large suitcases. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, so embrace the backpacker’s mindset and use these tips to pack the minimalist way on your next trip around Oz.

Fiona Wood
Fiona Wood
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