First Look: A Quiet Place II Official Trailer with Emily Blunt & Cillian Murphy

A Quiet Place Part II‘s official trailer just dropped and it has already stirred a lot of people within the first hour of its release on YouTube.

On a side note, they really missed out on the perfect opportunity to name the sequel ‘A Quieter Place’, right? Right? Okay, kidding aside, here is the lowdown on the trailer.

The whole thing starts off as somewhat of a prequel to the first film, with Emily Blunt’s character driving with her kids while certain unnerving things are happening with Blunt’s character Evelyn Abbott telling her kids everything will be alright.

Things go horribly wrong with a snap of a finger as people are seen panicking and running in different directions before one of the monsters falls into a car in front of them. This leads to Evelyn hit on the gas to get away, dodging multiple vehicles while his son Marcus (played by Noah Jupe) tells her that he saw their dad, John Krasinski’s character Lee Abbott that just made the whole sequence more hysterical with added hints of last year’s nostalgia.

This leads to Evelyn looking away from the road while driving that leads to this amazing sequence of a bus in front of them, with the entire Abbott family seemingly doomed from an impending collision with a bus THAT IS DRIVEN BY A MONSTER. You heard that right, one of the sound-sensitive monsters is driving the bus. This doesn’t happen though, as Evelyn with her amazing driving skills manages to drive in reverse. I swear, if this was me, my family probably wouldn’t survive.

The following scenes show the present day, with Evelyn holding her baby and her two children the following suit as they trek to find a safe haven for them to live.

Evelyn however, trips on a wire trap that triggers a crude sound alarm made of bottles. I don’t know if this was on purpose and it has become a running gag, but with Evelyn stepping on an exposed nail in the first film and now a tripwire in the sequel, people in the comments section of the YouTube video have already started to make fun and meme this.

This leads to Evelyn telling her children to run, a more discreet and ASMR-esque version of the ‘Run’ meme as they make their escape away from the noise they just produced.

Following this, we see that the small family is not alone, as they are being watched through a rifle’s scope by someone. And that someone is the phenomenal Cillian Murphy. At first glance, I thought it was Christian Bale given that the two actors have somewhat similar facial traits.

Murphy’s character then wonders why they went all the way up there when there is nothing left. This leads to a succession of scenes with Evelyn telling someone that there were people still worth saving from the outside. We can assume that they have found a safe haven with other survivors with actor Djimon Hounsou making his appearance in the film as well.

An interesting note here is that there is a split second scene of someone breaching the water of what seems to be a lake that looks deformed or grotesque like the man is in mid-transformation. This is followed by a few cuts that have Children of the Corn vibe written all over it with a pinch of The Last of Us peppered all over.

The trailer is capped off with Murphy’s character telling them, “You don’t know, do you? The people that are left, there not the kind of people worth saving.”

This is interesting and it poses some new questions. Are the monsters people that for some reason transformed into these grotesque beings? What was the radio at the latter half of the trailer broadcasting? Will Evelyn’s baby be okay? And will we see John Krasinski’s character come back? Even if it’s just through a flashback? This sequel has all the ingredients and the makings to be a success. The cast alone is already stellar with the addition of Murphy and Hounsou. It is also worth noting that Krasinski made A Quiet Place with just $17 million in budget. This sequel probably has more than that now given the first film’s resounding success worldwide.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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