How to make your online tutor search quick and easy?

Nowadays, with technology contributing a noteworthy part in the field of education, the majority of our information and knowledge is accessible online. Just with a couple of clicks, you can get knowledge right from your home. Furthermore, it isn’t only the learning which is accessible today, but teaching is available online too!

Searching the perfect online tutor can feel like finding a needle in the pile, so split the procedure up into a couple of manageable lumps, know what to search for in a tutor and you’ll get your child progressing nicely in no time.

Before you select an online tutor, ensure you make the following inquiries to know him better.

Educational qualification

Qualification and experience of the online tutor is the primary thing that you should know. A brief introduction about the tutor will provide you a background information about how much did he study, experience and what are his interests in the teaching career.

If you are searching for a tutor of any particular subject in which your child is confronting issues, know the experience and abilities of the tutor in that specific subject.


Another imperative thing to know is the accessibility of the online tutor. Before hiring inquire whether he will conduct classes at a planned time, or the tutor is accessible all the time to help the students. It is an imperative factor as it will have an effect on your learning as well.

If a teacher teaches for a particular time period, ask him how he will enable you to solve your doubts later.

Language of instructions

To keep things going nicely, both the student and teacher must know or communicate in a similar language. This should be a thing to know before hiring the one, whether the mentor knows your dialect well, recently learned or is it his local language.

Communication issues because of dialect will make internet tutoring of no use for you, as the student won’t have the capacity to comprehend what is being taught and will battle with the lessons.

Software or hardware used

The medium of the process must be discussed well before starting the classes. Analyze all the hardware or software that will be utilized by the tutor to teach you. Access them in case you don’t have them and get some fundamental information about the software and hardware before the classes start.

It is likewise imperative to ask the tutor whether he utilizes any new technology for online teaching or not. This will give you an idea regarding his teaching style too, which plays a noteworthy part in the success of educating.

Ask previous students

To find out more about the person you are planning to hire, you may request references of his current or previous students. It will give an idea of how well does the tutor really teach and whether his guidance is helpful or not. In case there are false promises that the tutor is giving you, you may become more acquainted with it through the references as well. Henceforth, ensure you connect with at least one reference and know about the tutor before you start your classes.

Strategy for evaluation

The teaching style of the individual should be known well to you before you start your classes with him, where assessment plays a key role. It helps in testing the skills and knowledge you gain from a course. While online learning differs from classroom learning, the method of evaluation will be different in relation to the regular tests as well. Examine them well with your tutor as well.

Charges and expenses

Discuss the hiring charges of the tutor before you start your classes. Talk about whether he charges on the hourly basis, or his charges are fixed for a week or month.

Teaching style

The most imperative thing to know about an online tutor is the means by which he will teach the student. There are 4 noteworthy ways; it can be one to one teaching at one time, through talking, group studying or email based discussions. Talk about the strategy clearly, as that is the manner by which your classes will be conducted. Make it a point to get some information about how he will clear your doubts, give individual attention to you in a GD or how much time does he take to answer to the messages.

Final words

Online Tutoring is the serving as a help in education today, where teachers are accessible online to help the students at whatever point they require. When you have asked these questions, you will get a clear picture of whether you should go ahead with a specific tutor or not. If you still feel to know better, you should request a demo class to see the teaching style of the individual.

John Marsh
John Marsh
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