5 reasons to use your university’s career services

There are many reasons why the university education is also called as professional studies. University will not only make you more prepared for your career but it also helps you in starting your career.

However, it entirely depends on the will and commitment of the student to take maximum benefit from the university. Unfortunately, there is still a surprising number of university students are failing to utilise one of the primary benefits of university education which is university’s career services.

It is the responsibility of every university to establish a separate department within the university which make continuous efforts for the students to get them a window or opportunity to start their dream career.

The job of this department is to organise the seminars, self-assessments, fairs, events and the workshops. Not just some events, but there are a lot of perks you can get from the university’s career services which most of the students are unaware of.

Internships and job listings

Because your university is an organisation that deals with other organisations and companies too. That is why it has the networks which they use to find different places for the students in their partnered companies.

Their databases of job opportunities and internships are vital for the students from job search perspectives. As a student or even after getting a degree you will never be able to have an opportunity to get your hands on such database of the job.

That is why it is always recommended to visit your university’s career counsellor at least once every semester and who knows you get the chance to become a part of any company.

Moreover, through the career counsellors, students can also get the chance to apply for the specific positions which require special skills.

For example, if you have done any course in the university and you were good in it, you can ask your university’s career counsellor to find an internship for you in that particular field.

Through this, you can start your internship just by doing one course in the university and can carry it till the end of your degree by which, you would also have the experience required to kick off your career.

Helps you in exploring career options

If you are studying any specific degree or doing a diploma which deals with only one aspect of life, the possibilities of finding a vacant place in a completely different field of work are still likely.

The globalisation is not a human phenomenon only, but it is also made its impact in the corporate world. Now the companies which manufacture chocolates needs every type of resources just like a shoes manufacturing companies.

Both of the companies’ types need HR, marketers, designers, accountants, receptionists, auditors and even the business management or graduates.

Moreover, these types of career services which know everything about you from grades to your skill sets can also help you in exploring a job which is according to your talent and ability.

This means that even if there is no job available according to your education and qualification you can still get a job based on your talent.

These university career services departments are specialised in narrowing down the skill sets and get you a job which is best for you.

Best place to set your eye on target

Sometimes we all need a solid reason for motivation to do anything. In university, studying to get a job is not enough to motivate some. Getting a specific job which can turn our dreams into reality can move the mountains.

This is where the university career services can help you. They can tell you the possibilities of getting a job of your dream.

university career service
Always keep your eyes on the long term goal. Photo: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

They can guide you on the pathway to getting that specific job which can motivate you enough to complete your degree under every circumstance and maintain the GPA which is required to have for that job.

They can make an entire career plan for you based on the steps which are required to reach that point of your interest.

By setting your eye on the target, your entire degree program would turn into a chase of getting specific marks and grades in the specific courses which ultimately help you in maintaining good performance throughout your degree program.

Build your resume and interview skills

You are just a student with zero experience of facing an interviewer or developing a resume. That is why concerning to the university’s career services can help you in building up your resume and teaching you all the skills that are required to pass the interview.

Usually, this department always comprises of the HR who knows the mindsets of other HR people that can help you in generating a resume which is entirely based on that understanding.

Moreover, if your university’s career service is competent, they can even help you in obtaining the credentials and endorsements from the professors and other university’s staff in order to support your application.

You are paying for it

If all the above reasons are not enough for you to consider university’s career services, then it is important to know that you are paying for it. The university is paying the salary of the workers of career service department from your tuition fee.

If you are not taking their help, it means you are paying for a service which you are not even using. So instead of wasting your money, it is better to consult them and who knows you get a job in a just first visit.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
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