Local man ‘taken to the cleaners’ as McDonald’s cancels contract

A local man has claimed that McDonald’s has “destroyed his business overnight after they cancelled his cleaning company’s contract with them. He has been forced to sell his $800,000 home in order to fund the legal proceedings regarding the nature around the contract.

Alex Bartarseh is now in the middle of a legal battle that resembles David and Goliath as he takes on McDonalds over the closing of his cleaning business after the fast food giant cancelled the contracts with less than 24 hours notice.

The 29 year old man says that he has been forced to sell his home as he prepares for a huge legal battle. Liquidators are said to be preparing to haul senior McDonald’s employees into the Supreme Court so that they can answer questions regarding Mr Batarseh’s company’s collapse.

“I sold everything” said Mr Batarseh, “I literally have nothing…the company I built from scratch just vanished”.

Mr Batarseh was completing cleaning and maintenance work 5 years ago at a McDonald’s restaurant when he was approached to take on an expanded role. He began his company ‘A2Z Property Maintenance’ and ended up covering eight McDonald’s restaurants across Sydney’s west.

McDonald’s were his sole client and he was working with them for three years before they decided to cancel the contracts of external cleaners. Mr Batarseh said that his company became “super-dependant on them and I invested all my time and effort”.

He said that in July 2016 he received an email stating that McDonald’s would no longer require his company’s cleaning services.

Mr Batarseh said that the real reason behind the move from McDonald’s was a reaction to the 7-Eleven scandal involving the 457 visa and that McDonald’s did not want to be found out that way. He continued saying “I was doing the right thing…they terminated with 12 hours notice”.

Mr Batarseh has come to terms with the fact that the fast food giant is “too big and powerful” saying that it is a David versus Goliath situation. He continued to say that because his company was dependent on them and the challenges of a small business he faced, “I had a 24 month clause”.

In April 2017 Mr Batarseh took on McDonald’s seeking $1.5 million in damages but the struggles with his business and the fact that his mum had cancer at the time made things difficult. Money quickly ran out and the case was put on hold.

Mr Batarseh has said that he is hopeful that McDonald’s will settle.

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