Exciting iPhone11 camera features worthy of your attention

This year’s iPhone 11 upgrades are game-changing and even skeptics will be compelled to try it out for themselves. With an additional lens comes great features that will give you the best photo capture experience from an iPhone so far. Read on to find see three notable camera features that come with one of Apple’s latest smartphone release

Level-up your landscape game with a new ultrawide-angle lens

iPhone 11’s additional wide-angle lens captures four times more space than standard wide-angle lens featured in previous models of the device. This offers users a 120-degree field of view that makes clip-on lens angle extenders a thing of the past. Now, you’ll be able to take dramatic landscape shots without them.

Night Mode gets an upgrade

All three of the iPhone’s next-generation models are taking Night Mode a step up. With that being said, the new stand-alone feature is expected to brighten photos while simultaneously reducing noise. This makes it ideal for taking snaps in low-light conditions while keeping photos crisp and colorful.

Apple announces the arrival of Deep Fusion

The Deep Fusion feature is another thing will excite users but you’ll have to wait later this spring of its rollout. It won’t come with the iPhone 11 once it hits the market on September 20. But when Apple finally introduces it, users will be able to get the sharpest details on their images through a new AI-based photo processing. This will combine nine shots taken under long and short exposures to create one high-definition shot under daylight and dim conditions.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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