How to transform your outdoor space on a budget

Us Aussies love to be outdoors; we enjoy long walks, relaxing on the beach, playing sport in the park, and generally making the most of the outdoors.

And while many of us are blessed with outdoor spaces at home, we don’t always make the most of them. As the warmer months are approaching, it’s time to think about how we can best utilise our garden spaces by adding stylish and practical outdoor furniture.

Make your outdoor space look as good as possible with these outdoor furniture ideas – perfect if you’re on a budget!

Add shade and style with an umbrella

Us Aussies love to dine alfresco, but it’s almost impossible under the hot Australian sun without an umbrella. An umbrella can transform your outdoor living space.

There are many types of umbrellas you can choose from that are adjustable, stylish and practical. Centre pole umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas, for example, would look great in your alfresco area. You can also choose between different shapes – square, hexagonal, octagonal, rectangle, as well as sizes.

If your outdoor space is small, a wall mounted umbrella will provide great shade without compromising on space. Alternatively, an LED umbrella is multifunctional – sheltering you from the sun in the daytime and lighting up at night to create a romantic setting.

Add glamour with a modular lounge

To create the ultimate luxury in your outdoor area, why not get a modular lounge suite in your garden. They are the perfect place to relax, eat your breakfast in the morning, catch up with friends and family and even answer emails.

You can buy modular lounges large or small – depending on your budget. If you’re tight for cash, you can opt for a single seater chair, and grow your collection over time!

Dine alfresco with a table and chair set

There’s nothing quite as blissful as dining alfresco when the weather is warm. Having family dinners outside in the fresh air as the sun is setting, or inviting guests over for a nightcap, is what summer is all about.

A stylish table and chair set can really bring your outdoor space to life, and make you proud to host. You can select the right size for your garden and budget, i.e. a 2-seater or even an 8-seater!

There are an abundance of styles out there to choose: aluminium and cast alloy iron tables and chairs, timber tables and chairs, or even wicker tables and chairs. Don’t forget to add cushions to your seats to make them even more welcoming.

We guarantee that a matching table and chair set will get used every day.

Relax in the sun on a daybed or a sun lounge

If you love to spend a Sunday morning relaxing lazily outside with a book and a coffee, you don’t have to lie on a towel on the grass. Why not get a daybed or sun lounge?

You don’t have to fork out the big bucks either – there are an array of different styles of daybeds to suit small budgets as well as big ones.

Get a gazebo

A gazebo has multiple uses. You can use it to create a spa area, or a BBQ area, or a dining area. Or, you can simply use it as a place of shade where you can lie on a sun lounge or daybed on a hot day.

Gazebos are not exactly budget-friendly – they are an investment purchase. The good news is you will keep them for years, decades even, and you will get great use out of them, in both summer and in winter!

With these outdoor furniture ideas, you can make your outdoor space more dynamic and multifunctional. Don’t waste your garden space – utilise it!

Don’t forget about plants!

If you really want to transform your outdoor space, you must inject some life into it. There is greenery to suit every taste, garden size and climate, so what are you waiting for?

For the typical Australian garden, the plants that can withstand the weather and require little maintenance are: cacti, succulents, cycads, basket grass, lavender and rosemary. For a pop of colour, opt for the burgundy-hued cordyline plant or delicate fortnight lilies (dietes).

Russ Whittaker
Russ Whittaker
Russ Whittaker is a Director of Tucker Barbecues & has been in the BBQ industry for over 30 years; He is also a keen surfer on Sydney's northern beaches.
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