Top 5 essential home garden tools to make your life easier

Whether it’s your first time in the garden or you are a seasoned gardener, having the essential tools could make or break your experience. It could be that you’re looking to replace your old tools or add more to your collection. Having the right kind of tools can efficiently accomplish any gardening project. After all, isn’t gardening supposed to be fun?

Below are 5 must have essential home garden tools to make your life easier:

Hand pruners

They are used for cutting stems, branches, back clumps of perennials and slicing root plants before planting. They provide a clean cut and are easy to use. Make sure that they are sharp and fit in your hand. If you are uncomfortable using them, you’ll notice their effectiveness reduce thus giving you a bad experience.


Having this traditional tool in your collection is essential. It can either be a hand rake or a bow rake.

  • Hand rake

It helps you loosen up and smoothen soil. It removes pesky weeds or turns your soil. Additionally, it can be used to gently remove debris around and under plants without damaging roots.

  • Bow rake

It’s a soil manipulation tool, meaning that you can use it to level your garden and make your soil consistent for your plants. You can also use it to spread sand, gravel, mulch and remove heavy debris. If you can get a bow rake with a fiberglass handle, the better. It will last longer, making sure you can handle even more significant projects.

Protection for gardeners

Well, they might not be gardening tools but are a must for every gardener. They make you safe and your job easy.

  • Gloves

There are so many varieties of gloves and made from different materials such as rubber and leather. They protect you from sharp objects.

  • Safety glasses

You need to protect your eyes using safety glasses when mowing the lawn, trimming branches or using a line trimmer on weeds.

  • Apron

A right apron keeps the dirt off you, and you get to keep your tools close to you. Your pants don’t have enough pockets when it comes to gardening tools. It also protects you from flying debris and spills.

  • Knee pads

You might wince at the thought of kneeling in your garden as you tend to it. Kneeling on hard and uneven surfaces for hours can wreck your knees over time. Well, relax. All you need to have are exceptional knee pads, and you are good to go. They need to be thick enough to give you comfort to kneel effortlessly.

Hori hori

For those unfamiliar with the tool, hori hori is a Japanese gardening knife. It is the best hand tool ever as it is beneficial. It’s safe to say that it’s the Swiss army knife of the garden. It can dig, cut, and thanks to its sharp edge, it is an excellent weeding tool. It slices and digs weeds out thoroughly.

Furthermore, you can use a hori hori as a seed planting and transplanting tool. Also, it can be used to harvest your crops safely. There are models that have a blade with a ruler to aid you in planting seeds and bulbs at uniform depth.

For durability and comfort go for a stainless blade with a rubber handle.


A shovel is one of the most vital gardening tools no gardener should do without.

You will need it for digging holes to the spread of mulch. It is a multi-purpose tool which allows you to dig holes to plant trees, move loose materials and also dig out irritating weeds. However, for a great experience, you need to make sure the shovel is sharp with a lightweight handle to make it easy to get a grip when digging.

Just like a bow rake, a fiberglass handle is highly recommendable as it will not splinter, rot or require maintenance. There are numerous types of garden shovels, but you can never go wrong with a round-headed shovel.


Of course, there are other gardening tools that can make your gardening experience more comfortable and better, we’ve just considered a few. It’s important to note that if you’re buying your tools online, it’s crucial to first check out the return policy. Lastly, store your tools correctly, you could store the short-handed tools in a garden bag and hang long-handed tools on a peg rack.

Do you have other tools that you think are a must have for a gardener? Feel free to share with us your essential garden tools!

Tommy Rosenfield
Tommy Rosenfield
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