Tips and tricks on how to easily upgrade your Airbnb

There are so many ways to upgrade a property without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for simple things you can do to improve your Airbnb performance, we’ve listed them down in this article so you can go ahead and make these enhancements as soon as you’d like to.

Bright furniture pieces or an accent piece of artwork

Having an accent piece whether it’s a bright sofa or an interesting piece of artwork will do wonders for your space. It doesn’t even have to be new or expensive, it just has to add a pop of colour to make your apartment look more vibrant and visually appealing.

Thrift stores and garage sales offer a lot of vintage finds that could get the job done. Wall installations that will brighten up a blank white wall will also do well. According to a study conducted by MDPI, millennials tend to document almost everything on social media. Allianz Travel Insurance actually shared a Vacation Confidence Index among the three of the most populous traveller generations (Millennials at 22–38 years, Generation X 39–54 years, and Baby Boomers +55 years) and found that Generation Y (millennials) is the generation most likely to share their travel photos on social media. The reason behind their sharing of photos according to the index include them looking their best (58%) and them sharing photos in which their surroundings look best (52%).

Given these reasons, it will be a good idea to upgrade your space to look more social media worthy to get your Airbnb even more bookings, and more exposure when these pools of people who stayed with you, publish their photos online for all their family and friends to see. 

Your bed space should match your seating space

How many bedrooms does your Airbnb have and how many guests do you usually have when you get a booking? If there are 5 beds that can accommodate up to 10 people, your seating space should at least match this number. Extra seating space is always welcome to give guests more room to hang out but having less seats in the living or dining area as compared to the bed space is not ideal.

You want to offer guests not just a good and clean apartment, but also allow them to have holistic experiences that they can share with their companions. This way, your apartment is ready for all the guests in case they decide to hold a movie night or have a nice dinner with everyone staying in your property.

Take a good look at your Airbnb listingA person looking at their Airbnb listing on a laptop to upgrade it.

Updating your Airbnb listing and making sure that it looks its best can reap many benefits. You would need to show your property in the best light if you’re hoping to get more booked nights. Well-written copy with detailed descriptions allow your potential guests to find out more about what they can expect when checking in. It also signifies that you take care of all the small details which would leave a better impression as compared to sloppily crafted copy.

Keeping it updated also means highlighting the features of your property more heavily when it’s relevant to the season. This means featuring your backyard with a BBQ grill more prominently during summers, and your grand fireplace during winter months. The takeaway is just really putting the spotlight on whatever makes your property more relevant to potential guests when they’re deciding on their place of stay.

Photos are also particularly important in your listing. According to Airbnb, listings with professional-level photos see up to 24% increase in bookings, get 26% higher nightly rates, and a whopping 40% increase in total earnings. That is a significant benefit without you adding anything new to your property. It’s really just about presenting it in the best light.

Look into what your guests are saying

Airbnb reviews are there for a reason. It’s the channel in which your former guests can give you feedback about what they liked and didn’t like during their stay. Pay attention to these and take some of their comments as a guide on what you can do to improve in your property. Repeated and similar comments should alert the property owner on what needs to be done (within reason) and where to go from there.

If guests are always raving about a particular feature of your home, emphasize it in your listing. If the comments about the linens or your toiletries are less than stellar, then take the necessary steps to provide better ones. Once you do, always make sure to reply to these negative reviews to reassure future guests that you’re a host who listens and who will take action to correct these setbacks.

Draw attention to benefits beyond your home

When you’re a tourist and looking at Airbnb for a place to stay, it just makes sense to know which places are close to the property. While locals already have an idea on your property’s exact locations, visitors from other regions might not be. This is why it’s important to give relevant information on which establishments or landmarks are within walking distance or at least a short drive away from your Airbnb.

Highlighting that your place is near a train station, a culinary strip, or historical landmarks will give you extra positive things to claim about your Airbnb. Letting potential guests know that you’re near a station would give a sense that your property’s location is accessible and they don’t have to worry about getting from one place to another, or saying that it’s in a location with a lot of boutiques or near a beach would entice potential guests as it means they don’t have to go far for them to enjoy some of the things your locale has to offer. It would also be a good idea to take a good look at what type of guests you are attracting and tailor the things you highlight based on these. Business travellers for example, love a good café where the Wi-Fi connectivity is reliable, while family homes that attract groups with children would do well to emphasize the nice attractions that offer fun for the whole family in their listing.

These are some of the things that any property owner can do to upgrade their Airbnb game. While these are all minor adjustments, setting up all of them will definitely give you an edge, and the rewards of more positive reviews and higher profit can only benefit you in the long run.

Kieran O'Neill
Kieran O'Neill
Kieran O’Neill is the Co-Founder and CFO of Hometime based throughout Australia and New Zealand. Hometime specialises in Airbnb property management by partnering local Hosts with homeowners and services in their regions. Find out more about Hometime on their website:
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