Achieving grilling perfection: Ways to host a stellar BBQ party

When the summer sun shines and brings the chimes of spring, you know its time to set up the smoker and get grilling.

Barbeque meats are best enjoyed with loved ones around, for there is nothing better than hearing laughs and giggles around, while we commemorate wellbeing with a juicy bbq rib in hand.

The popularity of bbq as communal food has increased around the world. Throwing a bbq party requires diligent consideration of details. If you are aspiring to throw a grilling party that becomes the hottest affair of the neighborhood, we have compiled some tips that can help you with both the preparation and the art of achieving bbq perfection.

Preparing the smoker and meats

Clean the grill

Clean the grill

The first step is always preparing the vessel that will generate charred delights for you. According to Smokeysteakranch getting the best bbq smoker isn’t enough if you don’t prepare it accordingly. Apart from a sanitary viewpoint, cleaning the grill is necessary to permit a sustained output of smoke exposure to the meat’s surface. A cleaner grill enables a better heat flow and allows a thicker smoke bark to form on the edges of the meat, making it tantalizingly delicious.

If you do not clean the smoker before you begin grilling, there is also a high likelihood of the meat burning, because remnants from the previous cook can get charred and stick to the surface of your meat and vegetables. This will ruin the bbq experience, and get the guests talking.

Preheat the grill

Preheat the grill

Achieving bbq perfection is all about exposing the meat to a high temperature. This becomes the primary reason to engrave the meat with grill marks and make it juicy and tender. If your smoker isn’t piping hot when you first place the meat on it, chances are that the moisture runs outside, leaving the inside dry and chewy. Nobody wants to cut through a rubbery steak.

Meat also sticks to a grill iron that is relatively cooler. This will make flipping burgers and steaks a daunting task, and will potentially ruin the cooking experience.

Select classic recipes

Select classic recipes

There are only a handful of bbq recipes that have risen to notoriety because they never disappoint. When it comes to deciding the menu of your party, we suggest that you prefer classic rubs and marinades, on tested cuts of meat. Go for steaks, ribs, and brisket, and if you are feeling fancy, try out a grilled chicken.

However, the guests at your party are going to have unique preferences, and you don’t want to send any guests hungry. To add a little flair to your recipes, pair classic meats with exotic sides, such as corn-on-the-cob, a zesty coleslaw, a fruity salad, or a tangy aioli. People will enjoy all flavors that you direct towards them, making them enjoy the festivity thoroughly.

Prep the ingredients before setting up the grill

Once the grill is up and heating, there isn’t any time to marinate your meat and veggies. Expert grilling can only be done once the ingredients have been prepped diligently. The top bbq chefs recommend that you go for dry rubs, and marinate all meats overnight.

Before its time to get them on the smoker, take them out of the refrigerator and give them sufficient time to come to room temperature. Cold meats, when exposed to a smoldering hot grill lose their ability to absorb and infuse all flavors, and also shrink and buckle up in the center, making them unappetizing.

Make the yard more engaging

bbq party

While you grill the meat, your guests should have some social attractions to keep them occupied. The best thing about parties is the potential of yard games that they offer, and you should capitalize on that.

We suggest that you don’t go for games that are physically exhausting. Setting up a couple of tables with seasoned board games such as scrabble and monopoly might do the trick. You can also hang up a badminton net, and give your guests the freedom to maneuver the shuttle here and there. When some people start playing, the rest will join in.

Whiz up a signature beverage

bbq party drinks

While carbonated drinks and beer get the job done for everyone, they make your party too simple. All festive parties have their flamboyant drink to get people in the mood for a celebration and yours should be no different. We suggest that you go for a zesty element, and make it super cold so that people can sip it in the scorching sun to cool down.

Use cool ice cubes, or even slice up some lemon and freeze that so you could put one in every glass. We recommend that you try minty margaritas that can cut through the richness of grilled meats, and offer an acidic element.

End the party with a dreamy dessert

You might be thinking that desserts don’t sound right in a bbq party, but that is exactly what makes them a perfect ending. People don’t expect to eat dessert in a bbq party, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t crave something sweet after enjoying salty meats.

No one takes offense from sugar and you can use that to your advantage. The possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding what to serve. We suggest that you go for something that incorporates a tropical vibe, such as a fruit-trifle or a creamy delight with a biscuit base. You can also add a layer of jam or peanut butter to boost the richness and end the party on a high note.

Become the talk of the town

Friends having fun grilling meat enjoying bbq party

BBQ parties give you the freedom to get really creative. There is something about a smoking grill that brings people together, and that should be reason enough to indulge in community food and enjoy the sun’s embrace. With the tips mentioned above, you can not only achieve grilling perfection, but also throw a stellar bbq party every time!

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
Samantha is the head of content, lifestyle and entrepreneurial columnist for Best in Australia. She is also a contributor to Forbes and SH. Prior to joining the Best in Au, she was a reporter and business journalist for local newspapers.
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