How do photographers prepare for a wedding shoot?

Anybody who has chosen to make living as a wedding photographer must have experienced stress at some point of time. However dealing with it just before the wedding is harder than it appears.

Shooting over hundreds of pictures and not missing any special and precious moment, covering up the wedding venue and the decor on a large scale and making sure your clients are happy after the celebrations is no easy task.

It requires careful and advanced planning from the wedding photographer and their team’s end. This is how the best wedding photographers prep up for upcoming wedding photoshoot.

Keep your camera equipments ready!

Wedding celebrations are around the corner and you have a huge responsibility to capture the fun, the emotions and the memories. Being a professional  photographer, have the best camera equipment ready before the D-day. It is important to have love for the best cameras, lenses, flashes, etc when you begin photographing the weddings.

Right from basic equipment in your bag to advanced ones, keep the arsenal ready in your bag. On the day of the wedding, stay relaxed! Have your meals, wear your comfortable shoes and leave for the shoot.

Also, if the couple is wanting achieve a certain ‘look’ in the wedding photoshoot, then carry the camera and equipment accordingly.

Use spare batteries and memory cards

Use spare batteries and memory cards
Photo: New Africa, BS

Besides the camera and lenses you plan on using, the wedding photographers also carry a spare camera and some spare batteries. Every battery needs a special charger too. So be prepared with this requirement as well. Also all the batteries should be charged up in advance.

Memories cards are responsible for holding the dearest memories of a wedding. A wedding photographer also carries extra and blank memory cards than they need as they go on to take thousands of shots.

Take along with you an extra camera, lens, batteries, memory cards and lights, and you are all prepared for unexpected circumstances.

Be prepared for unforeseen weather changes such as rain

Be prepared for unforeseen weather changes such as rain
Photo: DmitriyShipilov, BS

A wedding photographer is prepared to survive just anything! Even sudden rain showers and downpour while shooting. Don’t be too negative if it rains or give up hope while shooting for an outdoor wedding ceremony. After all you have a huge responsibility today and the couples look up to you for the best shots.

Instead try to create a happy atmosphere and carry the things which would be required to take the shots in bad weather conditions. Plastic bags come in handy to carry those sensitive equipments such as camera, lenses and flashes and provide them the much needed protection from water. So don’t forget to carry them.

Prepare your bag and store all your stuff

Prepare your bag and store all your stuff
Photo: YakobchukOlena, BS

Store all your camera equipment and accessories in your camera bag much in advance and avoid the last minute packing.

Keep your sensitive apparatus separate and safe. If you are travelling far keep clothing and other items with your camera gear inside your bag in advance. Last moment preparations can make you nervous. To relax and de-stress just before the shoot is very important.

If you are flying to some other location like destination wedding or pre-wedding shoot, use smaller bags instead to carry the the portable kit at the location.

Discuss with the couple

Discuss with the couple
Photo: Rido81, BS

Always take out some extra time to discuss your ideas with the couple and their families before the shoot. All the couple poses, the important guests to appear in the wedding, the food menu, the decor, everything! These days couples and families demand extra creative and special poses, Instagram worthy shots on their wedding day.

The same can be delivered very nicely if you hold a discussion with the couple once and decide on the poses/shots to capture. Some best wedding photographers prefer to show a manual to the couple while planning the shoot letting them choose the poses they want for their wedding photography.

They then add them in the contract.


Wedding photographs are nothing but the most memorable times for the bride and the groom. The best wedding photographer would stay prepared for the best and the worst unforeseen situations to avoid any mistakes. Only smart planning and pre-planning can create the highest quality photographs.


Subodh Bajpai
Subodh Bajpai
Subodh Bajpai Director of Subodh Bajpai Photography, With a Post Graduate degree in Photography from esteemed Jamia Milia University and an intense passion for photography, Subodh Bajpai has grown into one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, India.
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