The very best way to get married

When it comes time to plan your own wedding you will often wonder what is the best way to get married? What parts of the wedding are most important to focus on and what should and shouldn’t you do according to tradition? What will your guests and wedding party remember the most?

We all know weddings can be luxurious full-out affairs that take a lot of planning and have many details, or they can be a simple laid back and casual event. This is all dependant on what the bride and groom want. From the very expensive wedding to the wedding on a very small budget, in the end the bride and groom enter the state of matrimony, become husband and wife, exchange vows and rings and are married. The intention of a wedding, of spending the rest of your lives together, doesn’t change.

Weddings vary from the biggest, most fancy occasion that includes an event planner, a massive venue, special gourmet caterers, a huge wedding cake and expensive floral arrangements, down to a lovely intimate back yard with a BBQ and drinks. The thing about weddings is that no matter what your wedding day entails it is one you will always remember. It is a day like no other because you got married.

You may think that you need to create a wedding that is a well-planned event or you may be thinking it could just be easier to run away and elope. Whatever you may choose, remember that it is your choice and you should do anything you want.

A big wedding with all the frills and trimmings maybe one person’s idea of the best way to start married life, while others may just enjoy a casual, civil celebrant ceremony by the river with a BBQ afterwards and still feel they have started their married life. It doesn’t change the fact that you got married.

So what is the key features you need to focus on for your wedding? To some brides the idea of a beautiful expensive wedding dress is the best part of the wedding, to others it is the reception or cake. Whatever you want to focus on will not change the fact you got married.

Sometimes things go wrong at weddings from small accidents, to the cake getting knocked over. The bride (or groom!) may take a stumble, a guest faints, a child cries, arguments occur and weddings generally run late at one time or another, but in the end none of this matters because at the end of it all you get married.

The purpose of a wedding is for the couple to get married. No matter what your decide to focus on or create, no matter how expensive or how cheap the wedding is, no matter how many flowers or how few are present, how many bridesmaids and groomsmen are in the wedding party, no matter how big or how small the cake is, at the end of the wedding none of it matters because you still got married and the most important thing is spending the rest of your life together!

Essentially the best way to get married is the way you feel most happy with. If you want to go all out then plan your perfect wedding or if you prefer to say your vows in front of a couple of people then you should. There is no best way to get married because at the end of the day you are happy with your partner!

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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