Have you considered turning your ashes to diamonds?

Diamonds have always been esteemed the rarest stones and the most precious of all. Among the ancients, a diamond was also called the stone of love. An increasingly common way to honour the ones we love is to turn their ashes to diamonds.

The demand for post-burial alternatives like ashes to diamonds in Australia is gradually on the rise unlike the traditional cemetery burial method that has been rapidly phased out in recent years.

Why Australians are considering turning ashes into diamonds as a post-burial solution

Ashes to diamonds are diamonds created from a deceased person’s ashes or hairs and grown in a laboratory. The ashes to diamonds transformation occurs thanks to high pressure and temperature using a technology called HTHP Apparatus, which transforms the extracted carbon source contained in the ashes or hairs into a diamond.

The post-burial option of turning ashes or hair into diamonds is on the rise as many Australians are looking for more affordable burial plans. Turning ashes to diamonds is still a good way of paying tribute to the departed, and an innovative solution to keep their memories alive.

Specialist cremation diamonds companies take cremation ashes and refine them to get a crystallised graphite. They press this under high pressure and heat and grow it as a real diamond.

For a basic cremation ceremony in Australia, the average cost is $4500. On the other hand, cemetery burials prices have skyrocketed, going from $5000 for the most basic ceremony to up to A$ 20,000 for the most elaborated. This does not include the coffin, the burial plot rent and tomb maintenance.

Cremation diamonds prices start from $2,900 and can go up to $25,800 according to the ashes to diamond size, cut and colour which will require different technical effort according to your choice.

Ashes to diamonds is the new post-burial alternative trending around the world. People are also looking for solutions that are more environmentally-friendly and that do not crowd cemeteries.

Graveyards have caused some significant issues in recent years in many major cities. Moreover, cemetery burials are said to release 10% more CO² than any other type of burial methods in the long term, polluting our atmosphere.

The biggest countries in the world are taking on the cremation diamonds option

Urban planners around the world have been calling to address the shortage of burial space and urging people to get creative when it comes to accommodating their remains. The problem of lack of space in cemeteries in cities like Mexico, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and London is becoming worrying, causing people to raise concerns like “what will happen to us when we die, and how about our children’s children?”.

Corpses are being exhumed in some parts of the world in order to reuse the land for other economic developments. Moreover, exhumation of a loved-one already buried is a difficult experience to live through. In Canada, land is being reclaimed to expand burial space, but this space is running out too. This is a severe problem for many families because what will they do with their remains?

Families are now looking for some alternative burial options. The cremation rate in Japan is high, at 99.8%. The Japanese prefer opting for a cremation ceremony and then a post-burial remembrance solution like ashes to diamonds. For that matter, Japan has become one of the world’s most important markets for cremation diamond companies.

Ashes to diamonds: keep your loved ones memory with you forever

To order a cremation diamond, people must familiarise themselves with the order process. Once the ashes to diamonds order is placed with specifications like size, cut and colour, the order is accepted with the issuance of an order ID and a free ashes or hair submission kit. To craft a cremation diamond, know that at least 200g of ashes or 10g of hair must be provided.

The required ashes or hairs must be submitted following the shipping guide you are provided with. The entire process after confirmation takes an average of approximately 6 to 9 months. Shipment and delivery costs are covered under the cremation diamond cost price.

Emptiness takes over our lives when we lose people who matter to death. When that person becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Besides the many post-burial options available, the ashes to diamonds solution is trending in Australia and around the world as the possibility to transform a loved-one into a precious diamond has attracted many.

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