Top 5 spring must haves for every woman in 2018

Fashion trends keep changing every season and we have to shop every season to go with the trends. But there are some constants which every woman must have in her closet and they never change. You can pair these essentials with different clothes to make new outfits.

Owning most of these will make you a diva and someone who is aware of the fashion trends. Wear them to casual outings, parties, meetings and anywhere you like. These spring outfits will make you bloom like a flower in this season.

So, here is a list of top 5 clothing items every woman must own in 2018:

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1. Colorful or floral prints

Floral or colorful prints are very much in-trend right now and you need to have them in your closet. You can have prints in your dresses, tops or even bottoms. These prints look pretty and are perfect for the spring season. If you’re wearing a printed top, then you can pair it with plain bottoms and vice-versa. Floral jumpsuits and rompers are also the top choices for many bloggers and fashionistas at the moment.

Style Tip: If you’re wearing colorful or floral prints, minimize your accessories and keep it simple as too much print doesn’t look attractive.

2. Wide bottoms or pants

You must have seen these quite a lot recently as they came in trend only last year. These cool pants or wide bottoms have replaced jeans or tight jeggings completely. This is because firstly they look attractive and are a fresh idea. Secondly, they are much more comfortable to wear especially in summers as it is so light and airy. So, buy one or two pairs of such pants or wide bottoms and you’ll love them forever. Pair them with short tops or even full-sleeved shirts tucked in and they’ll make you look hotter at an instant.

Style Tip: If you’re looking to wearing these pants or wide bottoms to parties, pair them with high-heels and you’re all ready to go.

3. Striped pieces

Stripes are so in the trend that almost everyone already has them in their closed. White on black or black on white both of them look attractive. You can go for Striped jumpsuits or rompers, striped tops, skirts and what not. Stripes are all around you and why shouldn’t they be. They are one print that can never go out of trend.

Style Tip: Stripes make you look longer so it’s even perfect if you want to increase your height. Go buy that striped jumpsuit or top and look taller.

4. Crop top with shorts or skirts

A new addition to the trending list these are super pretty and chic. Crop top with shorts or skirts makes you look sexy and cute at the very same time. You can buy the entire set of the same print or pair contrasts like a black crop top with white skirts. These are perfect for those night parties or casual outings. There is a lot of variety in these like striped crop tops with shorts, off shoulder crop tops with printed shorts and what not.

Style Tip: Your footwear depends on what look you want to give to your outfit. If you want to keep it casual, go for white sneakers. And if you want to heat things up, go for heels.

5. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses never actually go out of trend and each of us owns at least one of it. Colorful or floral maxi dresses are the heart of spring season and can go with any kind of parties or outings. They are the first and perfect choice for a beach party. Maxi dresses are generally not that expensive and look pretty and at the same time. You can go for different styles on the shoulder with them like crisscross at the back or off-shoulder maxi dress.

Style Tip: Go with flats while you’re wearing a maxi dress. They increase the look of the dress.

Scott Jack
Scott Jack
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