The best engagement rings for her

An engagement ring is an item of jewellery that will be treasured and worn forever, so it’s important to get it right. While receiving a ring is exciting enough as it is, it’s key to choose a ring that’s perfect for a woman’s individual taste in order to make the occasion extra special.

Everybody has their own personal preference when it comes to jewellery. Where some people fall in love with a beautiful traditional ring, others adore the precious blue sapphire diamond ring.

Here are some popular engagement ring options that may be ideal for your unique love experience:

Extravagant Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the most exciting times for a woman is being able to tell her friends she’s engaged and show off her new accessory, so sometimes it’s nice to have a showy ring. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so a ring clustered with sparkling diamonds is sure to be a success.

If a grand ring is the aim, a setting that holds the diamond higher may be suitable. Additionally, a halo setting can further enhance the ring, with a circle of diamonds surrounding the centre piece in order to add extra sparkle and emphasise the centre diamond.

An extravagant diamond ring will allow a woman to dazzle and sparkle full-time, and may be the perfect option for a special ring that symbolises your engagement.

Nature Inspired Rings

If the outdoors is a big part of a woman’s life, she may like this to be reflected in her engagement ring. There are many rings available in nature inspired jewellery lines that could be perfect for showcasing a woman’s nature interests and adventurous personality.

Furthermore, for an active woman, it may be important to consider a ring setting that places the diamond lower to the hand. This may be essential in preserving and protecting the ring throughout everyday activities, without her having to worry about ruining it.

Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

Blue sapphire diamond rings are currently one of the most popular and sought-after engagement rings. Blue sapphires gemstones are admired for their extraordinary colour, with different shades available to perfectly match your personal preference.

Not only do sapphires make for an aesthetically-pleasing ring, but they are also favoured by jewelers due to the hardness of the gem, meaning they are particularly durable and strong for every day wear. The central blue sapphire is surrounded by diamonds, which accentuates the gemstone and creates a glistening halo around it.

blue sapphire diamond ring
Sapphires are a very hard gemstone, making it perfect for everyday wear. Photo: Dimj, Bigstock

Sapphires also have connotations relating to purity, wisdom, trust and honesty, which may be an attractive aspect for some. These meanings associated with the gemstone are accredited to long-lived traditions and provide more depth to the ring, which make the blue sapphire highly respected worldwide.

The rarity and quality of the blue sapphire makes it one of the most appreciated pieces of jewellery today. So, if you’re looking for a meaningful, current and beautiful ring, this may be the right choice.

Traditional Engagement Rings

While some people prefer a spectacular, trend-driven ring, others find their preference lies with a traditional style that presents a timeless piece of jewellery. A classic engagement ring is defined by its elegance and simplicity, with a design consisting of a traditional diamond design and no-frills.

A classic solitaire ring features a centre diamond and a plain metal band, with no other elements to create distraction. A traditional engagement ring design can be found for a range of prices, depending on whatever is most fitting for your budget.

For some people, you can’t look past a traditional ring, as it never goes out of fashion and you’re sure to love it just as much in 50 years.

Temporary Engagement Setting

For men feeling overwhelmed by the huge variety of options and who are determined to decide on the perfect ring, a temporary engagement setting option is available from many stores.

This means a diamond is selected and proposed with, but the woman is then able to take part in selecting her own perfect setting. This saves the stress and pressure of immediately choosing the right ring and ensures your partner is able to wear her dream engagement ring for the rest of her life!

Choosing an engagement ring is a big and important process, but it represents something very exciting! You should take your time when deciding on a ring and ensure the ring is right for you and your partner.

Whether it is a simplistic and elegant ring, a nature-inspired ring, or a popular blue sapphire diamond ring, she will be sure to love it if it came from you!

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
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