Grow your business to new heights with JavaScript development services

Since the inception of JavaScript almost 20 years ago, it has been wooing developers with its flexibility to work on independent platform environments. The famous scripting language is powerful enough to build a large enterprise application and flexible enough to create a small website with little functionality.

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language with cross-browser compatibility as its core feature. The language comes with large sets of libraries to use as per the requirements and frameworks of such add-ons likes AngularJS and EmberJS etc. This framework allows the developer to build an application, which is not only highly interactive in nature but also professional. For the attractive and engaging GUI (graphical user interface) development, JavaScript is also loaded with exciting widgets like Bootstrap and jQuery.

The easy to write code is the reason why JavaScript became so much popular in very less time and became the choice of 10 million developers worldwide. Trailing behind JavaScript is Python with 6.3 million developers. The benefits are not just limited to developers; in fact, there is a lot JavaScript has for enterprises. In the next 6-7 minutes of reading, you will be learning why the language is hugely supported by developers, what are the popular frameworks you can utilize for developing the enterprise level application and benefits of choosing node JavaScript development services for enterprises.

Grow your business to new heights with JavaScript development services
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Why JavaScript is popular among developers?

JavaScript offers a range of top-class frameworks that helps in elite development to maneuver along with a professional touch with other common web applications. The comfort of developers is the backbone for the robust application and the amazing language is also popular among developers. Here are some key advantages of JavaScript for developers:

Client side:

Web applications usually run on the client side request sent to the server, and get the response back from the server. This needs the whole page to reload again and that is not a favorable condition in case of low network speeds. There are many web apps, where the entire page does not demand the reloading if content and here JavaScript comes into the scene. Its code snippets do not require the page to be reloaded while the partial content of the page is reloaded. This decreases the load on the server while making it easy to render the animation with a smoother experience.

Platform independent: JavaScript does not need any configuration and software installation. The web app with JavaScript can run on any browser and it does not limit its usage. The browser is just required to enable JavaScript for getting complete functionality.

Easy to learn: JavaScript has a very small learning curve and it does not require much time to understand the code. Learning how to make a dynamic web app with JavaScript is as easy as pie. It contains an intuitive syntax and it is very hard to forget with little to no complication. For developers who want to add on to their profile and for the beginners who just want a bridge between the development from scratch and the CMS, node JavaScript development services are a nice path to start with after markup language.

Event base PL: JavaScript is an event-based programming language, where the different code functions run on a click and any event triggered by users. This helps in saving the loading time, as all the events do not get loaded at the same time when loading web-pages and runs only when an event is triggered.

Procedural PL: The language offers procedural based features such as function, branches, loops and much more. This creates an interesting development function for the user while engaging him in easy syntax.

Multitasking: JavaScript also keeps track of concurrency for handling the multiple operations at the same time. The function within JavaScript behaves in a similar fashion, it behaves with an OOPS function. It handles multiple operations within a single thread.

Best for multi-functional website: Being the choice for 10 million developers around the world, JavaScript possess a fascinating advantage over popular CMS. Most of the CMS suffers from the limitation of customisability. In addition, the web development task is almost impossible without the knowledge of JavaScript. Therefore, is you are required to develop a fully functional and feature-rich web application, JavaScript is the best one to go for and it is the most favorable option when hiring a node JavaScript developer.

The most viable and powerful advantage of JavaScript is that it is still growing and widely used in web apps. The popularity also extends to some robotics apps as well.

Grow your business to new heights with JavaScript development services
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Popular JavaScript frameworks:

The framework is an abstraction of the generic features of the software, which can be changed and modified in behavior using some additional code. JavaScript frameworks make the working with JavaScript easy for web development companies and enables the developer to make applications very responsive to the device. The device responsive app is the core reason behind the popularity of JavaScript frameworks. Here are a few JavaScript frameworks:

Angular: It is the powerful open source JavaScript framework operated by Google and widely used for developing the single page applications. The framework interprets the attribute with the aim of data binding.

React: Supported by Facebook, React has gained huge popularity over the few years. The framework is used to develop the dynamic user interface for the page, which has a high level of traffic.

Vue.js: With offering the multifarious features, it has built its strong niche in the market. This framework offers the exciting dual integration mode for the creation of a single page application. It is considered one of the most reliable platforms for cross platform app development.

Ember.js: This powerful platform reached its ground in 2015 and since then it has gained much popularity in the market. It supports two-way data binding which enables it to establish a reliable platform for complicated UI (user interface). There are many popular websites like LinkedIn and Netflix, which used Ember.js platform. It has become the popular choice for custom software development companies.

Node.js: It is an open source server-side run time environment, which works on cross platforms. The framework drives the asynchronous input/output using the event-driven architecture. It provides similar properties as Java such as multi-thread, packaging, and looping, etc.

Grow your business to new heights with JavaScript development services
Photo: Negative Space, Pexels.



Benefits of JavaScript to web development companies:

Speed: Running on the client side, the JavaScript is faster and stays unhindered by the network transactions. JavaScript code need not be compiled, which gives an advantage.

Simple: Javascript code is simpler to learn and easier to maintain, edit and run, with its syntax.

Popular: The popularity of the code makes it easy to learn. There are numerous learning sources available over the internet with its large developer community. GitHub and stack overflow is filled with a number of JavaScript projects, which make it easier to extract the code to learn, modify and use.

Interoperability: JavaScript works well over the applications. PHP and SSI have limitation and cannot be inserted into the page, while JavaScript code can run on any file extension. It can also be used in the code of other languages as script tags.

Server load: JavaScript poses almost no server load being run on the client side.

Extended functionality: The third-party add-on enables the developer to use JavaScript code, to execute in the web page for extending the functionality.


JavaScript is one of the most appreciated developer languages and is used for its many extensive advantages. Today, JavaScript has grown with a number of frameworks for offering a significant advantage to both developers and users. Another reason for preferring Node.js is the number of learning sources available over the internet and the large community of developers.

Widely used social media sites and large websites are using Node.js and similar JavaScript based frameworks. It is imperative for custom software development companies to hire node JavaScript developers for a successful project. JavaScript is growing every day and the future is no longer in traditional tunnels.

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar
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