Grimes is about to drop new music, according to the artist

Three years after her 2015 release of electro-pop ‘Art Angels’, Grimes has finally announced that she is about to release new material.

In a recently removed tweet, Grimes stated that the release of her new music was “imminent”.

Grimes – whose actual name is Claire Boucher – revealed in October that she had been collaborating with Bring Me The Horizon on their new album, ‘Amo’. She has also recently collaborated with American musician Poppy on her single ‘Play Destroy’, and with Janelle Monáe on her song ‘PYNK’ as part of her successful album ‘Dirty Computer’.

Grimes released previews of two upcoming tracks in June, one of which she said was a “cheesy love song” and the other “cyberpunk”. During this time, she also wrote a theme song for the Netflix series ‘Hilda’, which premiered in September.

Grimes was originally set to release her new album in December 2017, however was set back. It is believed that the delay in releasing the album may be due to issues with her label, as a result of comments she shared on social media.

It is also believed that the artist may even be working on two albums at the moment, due to information she shared on social media. One album is meant to be chaotic and dark and the other light and collaborative.

Based on previous collaborations and tour partners, artists she may be collaborating with include Lykke Li, Janelle v and Florence and the Machine.

The artist also recently collaborated with k-pop band Loona on the single ‘love4eva’. It is uncertain as to what her contribution was, as she is not in the music video. However, the song’s electronic and synth sounds have led some people to believe that she may have provided instrumentation or production.

Grimes’ upcoming album does not have a scheduled release date.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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