9 extremely common website mistakes that will cost you a fortune

You can have a particularly good product or service and be ready for the global market. However, if the website design is not good, it has very little chance of success anywhere in the world. Here are 7 extremely common website mistakes called by G Squared that will cost you a fortune in your business and you should avoid them:

Overloading your website with content

Overloading your website with content
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Although content is key, it is a wrong idea to overload your website with texts. It’s even worse if the content is filled with fluffy words. When you do that you will end up taking the focus away from the important details you are trying to convey to the customer. The truth is that the average web user has an average attention span of 3 to 5 seconds. If your website is filled with unnecessary content, the reader will get bored and leave the website before they get to read any relevant information. This can affect your business badly since your potential customers will not stay on the page long enough to be attracted to your products or services.

Auto plays audio/video files:

Auto plays audio
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Too many people make a mistake in designing this website at the expense of their profits. Often, people are startled and annoyed when they play audio or video files as soon as they enter the site. The surfer will not bother looking for the mute or off buttons, preferably close the site immediately and look for another location. You do not have autorun files on your site; give the option to your visitor.

Many ads:

Many ads
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Good ads because they earn income in advance and leftovers. However, the design of your website should never make ads appear to be your first business. Personalize a special place on your website (say the top of the page or column on the left or right) and keep your ads confined to that area. Do not distract visitors from the ads. You will walk away if you feel that the website is being used as a market for things other than what you are looking for on your website.

Too many pop-ups:

Many people like to incorporate pop-ups in the design of their website, believing that this will make it easier for the visitor to identify the products/services provided and their benefits. On the contrary, the visitor is quickly annoyed by frequent interruptions and moves away from the site. You do not have popups on your site, or at least make them appear only once.

Bad spelling and grammar:

Bad spelling and grammar
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There is no longer idle content that contains many spelling and grammatical errors. No matter how good the design of the site is, the visitor will immediately discount the value of the content. Make sure your content is scribbled and follow the correct rules in any language that is displayed. Use local human translators who not only understand the language but also use local expressions of phrases and phrases.

Unattractive Buttons:

You do not want to force users to look for web form buttons. Similarly, you do not want the buttons to overlap with the user experience. It is better to use bright colours but not glamorous for these buttons. Make it big enough and use a clear and concise call to action.

Animation/flash/misuse graphics:

Some flicker animations at an acceptable angle. But if the design of the website has generated animations everywhere, it will become exhausting for the eyes and the mind. Keep the animation to a minimum; its expandable graphics use flash to a certain extent.

bright colours
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Many bright colours:

The written content and the visualization of the images should be comfortable. Background colours and graphics should not overlap with them. It is better to use soft neutral colours, especially for the background. If you have a good amount of written content, white is always the best option. You can get nicknames and lists and click on the buttons of colour to attract attention. If you want to play with small colours, you must use different shades of one or two colours to create a uniform and elegant toilet.

Using a limited number of images

Images make your website attractive, and they convey messages that may be otherwise difficult to convey with text. If you are not using relevant images, your content may end up looking bland or too plain.

You can still save your website and your business if you change the design approach of your website to focus on you and your customers. The focus should be on your clients about their fears, concerns and problems, and you should feel calm and energized by the focus on you as you reveal your talent, knowledge, personality and passion.

Paul Siderovski
Paul Siderovski
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