AT&T will roll out call authentication to block fraud calls

AT&T is the first major carrier that will automatically block robocalls for users.

The telecommunications company will enable its Call Protect feature by default for new users going forward. Existing customers will have the said feature enabled on their devices “in the coming months”.

The Call Protect service of AT&T detects fraud calls, allows you to block them and flags telemarketers/spam calls as “Suspected Spam” when you receive a call. It also lets users keep track of black numbers with a personal blocklist where they can also block individual numbers.

While the service has actually been available without charge for postpaid users, you’d have to download an app before actively enabling it to your account. Now, AT&T has made the move to activate it for you. If you’re a current user who doesn’t want to wait, you can also manually activate it yourself.

Users can also opt out of the service (like before) if they don’t want their phone calls screened.

AT&T is an American telecommunications company that has been operating in Australia since 1992. Its move to make Call Protect as a default setting follows U.S. ruling from the Federal Communications Commission that carriers could block fraudulent calls by default. AT&T is the first to follow through on the aforementioned ruling.

The carrier’s rival company in the U.S., T-Mobile, also offers similar services but is not enabled by default. The Scam Block feature is activated manually and its caller ID service Name ID costs extra.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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