Artistic designers enable people to personalise their accessories

Want to own a unique piece of clothing or accessory? Websites like Etsy and Vida allow artists to paint, print or dye their work onto fabrics, leather and glass and sell their one-of-a-kind item directly to you!

Eleanor Wolper, a designer/artist from New York, uses Vida to sell custom, handmade homewares, clothes and accessories to people who want a statement piece. Her unique products can be seen at – and it’s well worth checking it out if you are interested in experimenting with your look!

Unique fashion

Artistic designers like Eleanor offer a point of difference to mass produced branded clothing, as you can be confident that nobody else will be wearing the same thing as you (or have the same phone case, or clutch, pillow etc.). You will also be able to wear or carry your unique designs around with you every day, rather than having to wait for a special occasion to pull out your more exclusive pieces!

Eleanor Wolper
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A custom, artistic shirt or clutch makes for a great conversation piece at work or with acquaintances. After all, nobody will have ever seen your tie or sweater before – because you own the only one in the world! An artistic singlet or pair of leggings is great for the gym and will be great for wearing to coffee afterwards as well!

Unique accessories

On a practical note, accessories with a unique, artistic print make it very easy to tell which items belong to you if you are with a group of people. In an era where everyone has a smartphone and, let’s face it, regardless of whether it is a Samsung or a Nokia, they all look very similar, a colourful phone case means that you will never pick up the wrong phone. At the same time, what are the chances of someone picking up yours by accident? Just about zero.

In an era where many people are wearing the same brands, artists like Eleanor enable people to stand out from the rest and look different. However, the problem isn’t only that global brands like Nike have almost monopolised certain clothing pieces; the main problem is that all the brands and their designs end up looking very similar anyway.

Let’s face it, if 29 people in a yoga class are wearing black leggings, do you want to be the one who walks in with a similar pair of black jeggings? Or do you want to be the person that walks in wearing a uniquely coloured and patterned pair from Eleanor’s collection? Who will be remembered?

Decorating your home

You can add a splash of creativity and colour to your home with a hand-designed pillow or glass tray from Eleanor’s Vida collection. If you’re questioning whether there is a point to all of this, well think of it this way. Would you rather be that person who filled their home or apartment with cheap, tacky and soulless furniture or be the person that has a memorable home filled with unique and quirky fixtures?

With Eleanor’s Vida collection, you can inject some serious originality, spirit and creativity into your living space. At the end of the day, your home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. No matter how beautiful, luxurious or spacious your house may be, it won’t feel like “home” unless it feels like it’s yours. Revitalise your living space with custom-made pillows, vibrant with unique colours, patterns and textures. It doesn’t matter how specific or quirky your tastes may be, because all of Eleanor’s products are custom-made and based on what you want. Get the interior decorations that properly embody your individual wants and qualities.


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