Essential typography tips for designing your website

With constantly changing technology and trends, people do almost everything online. Starting from ordering online transportation, shopping, even to promoting or selling stuff online, people are becoming absorbed in online activities. This, as a result, opens many opportunities for business owners to grow their business. One of the ways to grow a business online is through making it more visible to the world, and that can be achieved by having a website.

If you are a business owner, having a website for your company is important for both you and your customers, because a website can provide more detailed information about your company and the products or services you offer to your customers, which can increase your reliability to your customers. This, in turn, can also be beneficial for you, because you can increase your brand awareness, as well as your website’s online visibility.

That being said, you can’t always depend on the content of your website, you also have to look at other components on a website that are important, and ask yourself; is this enough to attract more visitors? Can they read the content easily? Is the text unique? Is the size too small for those with eye problems? All these questions you should ask yourself are part of web design.

Most business owners use web design services to help them design their website; however, if you are inclined to do the same, make sure you know the first thing about web design that can attract more visitors and make it easier for them to read your website’s content. That way, you know what you need to do and what is necessary for your website before requesting any design preference to a web designer.

One of the essential parts in designing a website is the text, of course. When people scan your website, the first thing they are looking for is the information you provide on your website. However, if it is not readable, how do they read it? Therefore, for that reason, the world of web design innovated a way to make text easier and more interesting to read, called typography. Typography is the art of turning ordinary text into more readable and appealing text when being displayed. This article will share tips with you on how to create art on your website’s text.

Don’t use too many fonts

Using too many fonts for the entire website makes your company come off as inconsistent and not professional. Not only does it give bad vibes, but it can also ruin your website’s layout. Basically, you are allowed to use more than one font, but keep it at a minimum and make sure the font families complement each other if you want to use more than one font. Also, be consistent when using the fonts, stick to the same ones for the entire pages.

Limit the length of the line

When you are trying to make your text readable, then, make sure you know the right amount of characters on each line. It is not always about the design, but it is also about readability. According to Baymard Institute, the ideal characters per line should be around 60 characters. As for mobile devices, 30-40 characters per line are enough.

Use a typeface that can adjust to various sizes

People have different devices that have different screen sizes and resolutions; therefore, it is important to choose the right typeface that works well with any sizes, so that it can improve the readability and usability in every size. Also, watch out for smaller screens! You might want to avoid using fonts that have cursive script, like Vivaldi. It may be beautiful, but it is hard to read on small screens.

Avoid using fonts that can be confusing to read

There are typefaces that when typed, will result in similar letters although intended for different ones. For example, in some typefaces, the letter “I” capital might look the same as small “L”. Also, the same goes with the letter “r” and “n”, if combined, might look like “m”. Therefore, avoid using those kinds of fonts.

Don’t use all caps

If you want to capitalise the letters for some purposes that don’t involve reading, then it doesn’t matter. However, if you intend to use it for reading purposes, forget it. The whole paragraph that uses all caps is bad.

Choose the right colour contrast

Avoid using similar colours for the text and the background, as it will be hard for your visitors to read it. Make the text visible. According to W3C, the recommended contrast ratios for body text and image text should have a contrast ratio of 4.3:1 against the background if the text is smaller. Also, large text should be around 14 pt bold/18 pt regular and up and the contrast ratio should be at least 3:1 against the background.

That’s the tips for you to create the art of typography on your website’s text. Good typography requires a great deal of creativity and ideas; therefore, take your time to choose wisely. Remember to make your text readable and adjustable to any sizes. Also, the most important part is, make sure you use typefaces that can represent your company in a better way so that people can distinguish between your company and your competitors.

George Papdan
George Papdan
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