Essential supplies for making sure your party looks great for your guests

When you throw a party there is a lot to think about. You need to decide on the date, the guestlist, how much food and drink you will serve and whether it will be a theme party. Another crucial factor in making sure that everyone enjoys themselves and that the event is a success is the decorations.

Your decorations will depend on the event and the theme, but there will almost always be a few staples. You will probably want banners, streamers, lanterns and, of course, balloons. If you want to check out some great options for balloons have a look at the colour, printing and arrangement options from Balloon Saloon.

Picking a theme

Your theme will largely determine how you decide on your other decorations. It is worth pointing out, by the way, that theme doesn’t necessarily mean getting everybody to dress up – you could simply decide that you want a particular colour scheme. At weddings, for example, people often have a white and blue or gold theme.

If your party isn’t tied to a specific event then you might decide to have a costume theme party, for example “under the sea”. In this case you will need to source decorations that fit the theme, such as green streamers and blue or metallic balloons.

Making decorations fit the theme

As a rule, the more elaborate the theme is (or the more effort your guests will have to go to for their costumes) the more you need to do in terms of decorating the event. If you decide you want to do a black and white party (everyone can only wear black and/or white clothing) then you need to make sure that all of the furniture and fixtures are black or white! You would also need black and white party supplies.

Generally things like banners, coloured streamers and balloons can be used at just about any party. You just need to make sure that the colours are right and that you arrange them in an appropriate manner. An example of this could be at a gay pride event – arranging coloured balloons so that they form a rainbow balloon arch would be a great touch at the entrance!

It’s surprising how much of a difference can be made just by getting the placement and colour of standard decorations right. Whether you want a tropical, desert or Disney theme, you can achieve it with the right placement and choice of your decorations.

Why balloons are crucial

Balloons are very versatile, and can be used for a number of purposes. If the event is honouring a particular person, then you can spell out their name with specially shaped ones. If it has a particular colour scheme, they can be used to help to bring it out. You can also print them with the name of the event, or with a particular symbol. All of this means that, no matter what your party theme is, visiting a party store for balloons is essential!

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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