Tips for buying the best Bluetooth speaker in Australia

Hunting for the perfect Bluetooth speaker 

Trying to find the best Bluetooth speaker in Australia can be a little tricky. With a boom in Bluetooth speakers, there’s a wide variety to choose from, so how are you going to find the right one?

While Bluetooth speakers play all your favourite music stored in your phone or computer without needing to plug them into the speakers physically, these modern devices are a far cry from the simple audio systems a few decades ago. The ability to connect with a smart assistant like Google assistant coupled with exceptional sound quality are standard features of most Bluetooth speakers.

A good Bluetooth speaker can also be included as part of your home theatre system.

That being said, these speakers can be pricey and if you want to buy the best speakers you can find, you need to make sure it has all the features you’d expect a speaker of the price range to have.

Here we’ll take a look at some tips to consider when shopping for Bluetooth speakers in Australia.

Check if it’s portable

You’ll want a Bluetooth speaker that you can easily take with you to parties or trips. Not all Bluetooth speakers are portable; some are bulky and despite being advertised as portable, they are simply too cumbersome to carry around.

The perfect Bluetooth speaker should be lightweight and portable, regardless of size. Of course, a smaller speaker will be better as it’ll be easier to pack a device that’s less than 15 inches in size.

Additionally, you should keep an eye out for speakers that come with handles that make them easier to hold. Having a small strap that lets you hook a small speaker up in your car or to your wrist will be very helpful.

Check the Bluetooth version

Essentially the selling point of any Bluetooth speaker, the version of Bluetooth it uses is very important.

Nowadays, most Bluetooth devices use version 4.2 or 5.0. While 4.2 is a perfectly viable choice for a speaker, version 5.0 adds far more value and usability to a speaker.

With Bluetooth version 5.0, speakers can have an amazing range of about 120 metres, a major upgrade from the 30 metres that 4.2 handles. Version 5.0 also has much better bandwidth with 2Mbps, compared to 4.2’s 1Mbps.

Speakers with Bluetooth version 5.0 are backwards compatible, so they can connect with devices with older versions without any problem.

Check the battery life

A good Bluetooth speaker should have great battery life and if you want a speaker that you can take with you, you’ll want at least 5 hours of battery life, and some larger Bluetooth speakers feature 15-24 hours of battery life.

Battery life isn’t set in stone, however. Bluetooth speakers come with a plethora of features that may drain the battery fairly quickly. 

Check if the speaker comes with a battery saving feature so that you can turn off any features you don’t want to use and save battery life.

Check the charging options

Naturally, if you have a portable Bluetooth speaker, you’ll want to have it running on battery as much as possible but if you’re out on a trip or at a long outdoor party, chances are your speaker might eventually run out of battery.

You won’t always find a convenient wall socket to plug in your speaker, so check if the speaker has a micro-USB port. With this port, you can charge your speaker using a portable power bank even if you don’t have immediate access to a wall socket.

Check its IP code rating

The IP code of a speaker tells you about its durability. The code indicates the extent to which the speaker is resistant to water and dust. 

The code has two numbers, if the first digit is 6, it means the speaker is dustproof. The second digit tells you about water resistance, from 5-6, the speaker is resistant to jets of water, like from a hose or a tap, 7 means the speaker can be submerged in three feet of water.

Ideally, the speaker you buy should have a rating of IP65, 66 or 67. 

Check the sound quality

Now for the most important parameter of any speaker—sound quality.

Unless you go to a physical shop to buy your speaker, the sound quality is hard to test. The good news is that by looking at the speaker’s specifications, you can get an idea of how well it plays music.

Frequency range:

  • The hearing range of a human being is between 20Hz to 20,000Hz and the speaker should have a frequency within our hearing range.
  • When a speaker can emit sounds within our frequency range, we’ll be able to hear certain sounds more clearly, for example, the sound of some instruments can be heard in the background.


  • This is related to electrical resistance. The higher the impedance, the better the speaker’s audio quality.

Check if it has app support

Modern Bluetooth generally comes with a supporting app that can be installed on your phone or your smartwatch.

These apps allow you to control the speaker remotely, check its remaining battery life, make software updates and even adjust audio parameters. 

Check for WiFi capabilities

While Bluetooth is the main selling point of these speakers, some speakers, often called smart Bluetooth speakers, can connect to WiFi for better sound quality via lossless playback.

These speakers can connect with an AI assistant like Siri or Alexa, allowing you to control the speaker hands-free.

The best Bluetooth speaker in Australia—find yourself the ideal speaker

Looking for the perfect Bluetooth speaker can be complicated but if you have a love for music and you know what to look for, finding the best Bluetooth speaker in Australia can be a breeze.

Kuni Ishi
Kuni Ishi
Kuni Ishii is the CEO of Ecoxgear ANZ. Kuni is an entrepreneur with a passion for consumer electronics, such as audio devices, music accessories, and power and battery solutions. Today, his company Ecoxgear offers some of the finest Bluetooth speakers and accessories in Australia.
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