Digital marketing strategies to promote your app

Have you thought about what digital marketing strategies you can use to promote your app?

If not, we will understand this process in parts.

First of all, it is worth noting that applications are gaining more and more space in people’s lives. However, given so many advantages, this growth brings with it an increase in competitiveness.

You may have asked yourself several times about how to compete with so many apps available. Or yet, how to create a loyal audience in the face of so many options?

It is in this scenario of doubts that digital marketing strategies are found.

You can even be an excellent developer and have an entrepreneurial spirit, which is great! But, unfortunately, only with these features there is no guarantee that your app will have many downloads and be monetized.

For this, it is essential that you invest in digital marketing strategies to maximize the reach of your app.

But what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing involves several tools designed to attract and develop customer loyalty.

To attract them, various quality content is produced in order to make the products or services known.

However, digital marketing is not just about content.

It also includes techniques that seek good numbers in the ranking of search engines.

The techniques used are numerous. So, we will introduce you to some of them.

What digital marketing strategies should I apply to my app?

First, we must understand that the digital audience is the same.

Usually, those who access the apps frequently, use the internet as a whole.

For this reason, some digital marketing strategies are already seen as essential to the world of applications.

Check it out below!

Create your persona

All digital marketing strategies start with the creation of a persona .

And for digital marketing strategies for apps, it couldn’t be any different.

The persona is a semi-fictional character who will represent your ideal client.

The definition of the persona defines the demographic and behavioral characteristics of the desired audience.

You need to understand how your persona uses smartphones, which apps you use the most. It is also worth thinking if you use Android or iOS.

This information can be obtained through questionnaires and specific tools. Webanalytics are tools that allow the mobile developer to obtain data about the users’ city, the pages they access and all channels used by them until they reach the platform.

In addition, it is possible to obtain personal data such as age, occupation and your desires. From this personal data, it is possible to develop advertisements directed directly to the interests of that user.

Through this knowledge about the public, dissemination becomes more efficient. This is because the content of the disclosure will be consistent with the profile of the target audience.

The target of the promotion actions of the application will also be possible with the good definition of the audience of your application.

Invest in responsive website

Having a website for your business gives credibility to customers.

We assure you that most customers are looking for businesses that have a professional looking page.

Taking into account that about 90% of internet users access it by cell phone, it is relevant that your website is responsive .

Responsive sites are those that adapt to the format of any type of device, be it computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sales funnel

Another of the digital marketing strategies that can be applied to your app is the creation of a blog.

By investing in a blog with quality content related to the features of your application, you will be attracting the public.

This is how the sales funnel works. It attracts an audience that didn’t even know it needed your app.

Let’s better understand how the sales funnel works .

When you imagine a funnel you think of an inverted triangle, right?

At the widest part of the funnel is the general public, who are not yet interested in the app, or do not know they need it.

Thus, the content must be directed to create interest, for example, demonstrating the problems that the application solves. However, you cannot speak specifically about it.

When creating interest in the audience, the funnel narrows.

At this point, some people will be interested in learning more about the app. This is where you must create content that presents the application and its features.

At the end of the funnel will be the customers who will actually use your app. Therefore, they need to be convinced of its advantages. Think of direct content that shows how well it works.

This final stage is very important, but you need to be aware of the top and middle of the funnel. After all, the more customers reach the middle, the more chances to download the app.


Nowadays the main concern of websites and blogs is to increase their traffic, after all, the more people visiting the page, the better!

At this point you need to be engaged in improving your SEO.

SEO can also be called search engine optimization. It is a set of optimization techniques for websites, blogs and pages.

These techniques are used to improve the ranking of a page in search engines. They are also to ensure that the contents of the page are easily found in searches.

In other words, SEO is the set of techniques that enable the page to be listed right at the beginning of the organic results.

To learn about this technique, check out our tips for improving your website’s SEO .

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Bet on good attraction practices for your website

You may have already realized the importance of having a website with quality content for your application.

But in addition, you can bet on digital marketing strategies related to good practices for managing the site.


The more well thought out CTA’s on your site, the higher the conversion rates.

The CTA basically have a language directed to a specific action. It is necessary to create a sense of urgency for your user.

If you plan to increase the number of downloads of your app, think about direct calls.

For example, if your app organizes daily activities, think of a call to action like: “Be more productive starting today by organizing your daily tasks!”

CTA’s focus should be on creating demand and user interest to download your app.


The testimonials of your app’s users can be proof that it is very interesting.

A good way to enter these customer feedbacks is to demonstrate the impact offered by their use.

In this way, the testimony shows the way the app helped the user and the benefits he obtained.

Videos and images

The screenshots and videos of your app working are essential to demonstrate the feeling when using it.

Thus, users will better understand how it works, what are its main features and what are the benefits for those who use it.

Use social media to your advantage

If we consider that to download the application the user needs a smartphone, the chance of him having a social network is great!

91% of young people with smartphones access some social network.

For this reason, social networks can be great allies in the process of increasing application engagement.

That is, your app needs to have a digital presence.

But don’t just share anything! It is essential that the content is compatible with the platforms and shareable.

Sharing is very useful to be a statement of support. After all, it can attract new users to your service through word of mouth.

Also remember that your account cannot exist just because it exists. You need to take advantage of the opportunities that social networks offer. Only then will you be able to increase application engagement.

If you know how your users communicate and what they like, you can use this as a strategy!

Think about developing a personalized digital presence for your app.

Create reasons for users to continue using your app.

An example of an app that successfully uses social media is Netflix . It’s worth taking a look to get inspired!


ASO, or application optimization, is one of the prerogatives to reach the top of the ranking in app stores. Due to its importance for the success of the application, it is essential to know about ASO.

ASO or App Store Optimization is a method used to improve the visibility of an application in app stores.

In practical terms, ASO’s main function is to ensure the best possible ranking in specialized stores for mobile users.

But why is it so important to improve the app’s positioning in stores? Well, the more the application is seen, the more chances it has to be downloaded by users, right?

So the main function of ASO is: to improve the visibility and ranking of the app to generate higher download rates.

After all, it is the conversion rate for downloads that determines the level of success achieved by the app.

If you want to have the best ASO tips to get your app found , check out our article on the topic.

The importance of the metric

In addition to all these digital marketing strategies that can promote your app, it is imperative that you stay tuned to your results.

Measuring and analyzing them are essential factors in knowing where to invest.

For this, there are several apps and tools that generate this data automatically.

This makes it much easier to design the best digital marketing strategies for your app.

The first metric you should be aware of is in relation to the sales funnel that divides visitors, downloads, active users and customers. By analyzing this data, you can see the conversion rate between each step.

One of the frequently used metrics is user engagement. With it you can know the time and frequency that the app is used.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to retention, which refers to the number of users who remain active after a week, a month, or a year. In case your app gets paid, it is also important to evaluate how many users renew the plan.

These metrics help a lot when investing in updates and ways to leverage the application.

Another relevant metric for the creation of digital marketing strategies is the cost per download and per active user. To obtain the cost per download, simply divide the total cost of acquisition by the absolute number of downloads. Here it is worth remembering the costs with ads, app stores, development.

Don’t forget the improvements and support!

We have already commented that the number of downloads can be used as a metric to evaluate the success of the application. But it is not enough. You need to maintain an active user base.

Qualified support

After installation, some users may contact you to ask questions and understand how the app works. Therefore, it is essential that you invest in qualified service and support . This can be the crucial point for the user to continue using the app.

Continuous improvement and management

In addition, it is essential that you offer new features and think about continuous improvement. After all, users search for news.

A good way to assess the possibilities is to track metrics during and after launch. This makes it possible to create alternatives and change direction in a timely manner, without wasting resources.

Remember that continuous updates can mean that the app is concerned with usability and the benefits it guarantees to the user.

Always try to evolve your product.

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