Top 4 technology hacks to improve your wellbeing

Nowadays, it seems like everybody is always on the run. Whether it’s meeting deadlines, trying to squeeze in exercise or juggling different priorities, today people are busier than ever.

It can be seen that a key reason for this technology. We are constantly bombarded by emails, not only at work, but also after hours via our phones. Many of us are on social media everyday, which may seem like “downtime” but it can easily become a burden if we are constantly replying to comments or accepting invites.

Technology has allowed for many things to become instant and in real time. Although this is a good thing, it can also be a negative thing for our wellbeing. It leads us to having no time to ourselves and to always be “on the go”.

However, we can also use technology to better our wellbeing. It’s just about trying to find the right ways to do this and implementing them into our lifestyle.

Here are some top ways technology can help improve our wellbeing and daily lifestyle.

Use reminders

A key part of feeling overwhelmed is having trouble remembering and juggling all the different tasks and priorities we have each day. When it’s hard enough remember the day-to-day tasks in life, such as work deadlines, preparing for meetings and picking up the dry cleaning, then remembering to look after our wellbeing almost seems impossible.

However, you can use technology to remind you. Also, they don’t need to be massive reminders. They can be small little activities throughout the day that aim to improve your overall wellbeing if done on a consistent basis.

For example, there are apps that can be configured to remind you every hour to drink water or to get up and go for a walk for 10 minutes. These are the small things we can do every day for our health that will improve our mind and body over time.

Use at home exercise apps

Not all of us can find the time to make it the gym, go for a walk around the block or even include more steps in our day. One of the easiest ways to fit exercise into our days is doing at home.

Many of us can set an alarm 30 minutes early and do a quick exercise routine in the comfort of our own lounge rooms. There are plenty of at home exercise apps that can provide you with exercises, no matter how much time you have. From 7-minute workouts to full boxing circuit videos, you can tailor your work out to your timing and all from home.

Focus on inspiration

Most of us have a Smartphone these days. Not only do most of us own one, but we also tend to look at it constantly throughout the day. Whether it’s to check the time, an email or go on social media, almost everyone we know is near their phone at any one time.

Overtime, this dependency on your phone can add to the stress in your every day life. It can become a habit, or you may feel that you always need to be available.

A simple way to relive this negative energy is to place an inspirational quote or image as your screen background. Every time you look at your phone, which for most of us is regularly, we’ll be reminded by something that speaks to us individually and in turn help our wellbeing.

For example, some of us might have the tendency towards anxiety. Having a quote that relives this feeling, even for a moment, is an easy technology hack that can help bring down anxiety levels.

Set an out of office responder

With many of us having our work email notifications sent directly to our phones out of work hours, it’s easy to get caught up in work after hours. It might seem like answering a quick email is a small thing. However, over time, this encroaches on your personal and downtime, and can impact your interactions between friends, family and your own wellbeing.

Some people have the tendency to be a “people pleaser” and feel they need to be answering emails promptly. If not, this can lead to feelings of guilt or anxiousness, which will only get worse over time.

A great way to put your mind at ease and not be at your emails beck and call is to place an “out of office” responder on your email every day. When you finish work for the day, make it a habit to have an automatic email sent to senders saying you are out of the office for the day, and you will respond to their email tomorrow. If it helps, place your direct number in your email for people to call if it is urgent. That way you can have peace of mind that if anything is important, you won’t miss. Anything that can wait can then be dealt with the following day.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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