How can a business use artificial intelligence in mobile apps?

Businesses are always looking for breakthrough technologies which provide the necessary edge over their competitors. In this regard, mobile apps have transformed business strategies and also improved their operational efficiencies. However, space for refining and revamping these apps is always there. Here, artificial intelligence can play a key role in revolutionizing mobile apps.

Artificial intelligence is essentially a field of computer science which targets the overall improvement of a wide range of smart machines that perform as well as behave like a human. A significant portion of these activities artificial intelligence solutions deliver consists of planning, reasoning, learning, speech recognition and critical thinking. Also, applications are getting much smarter as well that influences an AI development company what to focus on and how exactly to do it. Even though these companies don’t require to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence in order to inculcate insightful components within their applications, but they need to comprehend certain things about what they are actually incorporating within their mobile applications and why.

What businesses need to know?

Provided the deficiency of expertise in data sciences, it is expected that there is a rapidly developing group of a plethora of easy-to-utilize platform systems along with APIs, reusable models and even Alexa Skills. However, effortlessness doesn’t actually mitigate the overall requirement of creativity and imagination.

A wide range of intelligent solutions are produced on the basis of research as well as knowledge of the existing rational capabilities along with the skills of the humans, and they are successfully being executed as built-in intelligent capabilities in various apps which include mobile applications.

Businesses have to get this fact straight that it isn’t just about inculcating a machine learning model into their apps. They should understand how exactly the model implements a particularly specific use case or an application.

Mentioned below are some of the key recommendations about how can a business utilize artificial intelligence in mobile apps. Let’s go through it.

1. Offering personalized content

A huge number of apps meet failure within a year of their release because they often neglect to provide significant content to their clients with creates a constant connect. Even though a business delivers grip content on a frequent basis, still, if it fails to do this on a consistent basis, then content offered won’t be that much intriguing for its users regardless of time spent by the business to create it. Hence, by observing the actual decisions made by clients and then seamlessly embedding them into a highly-intelligent learning algorithm, mobile apps can make suggestions which the users are probably going to be interested in. Hence, AI can easily be utilized to curate user-specific personalized content, aiming for their point of interests. Also, machine learning remains to be the most noticeable applications of the artificial intelligence as businesses can easily filter a huge amount of data and subsequently make clever and accurate resolutions dependent on the insightful and inferred data. A hybrid app development company can certainly implement this scheme to deliver mobile apps which augment business processes and decision making.

Artificial intelligence can certainly play a key role in the dissection of user behavior and reveal what his or her real desired might actually by. Hence, offering personalized content to your users should be the key goal for any business as it keeps them connected with the business. Leveraging the assistance of AI, a business can easily demonstrate to the target audience that it’s focusing effectively on products as well as services they would like and generally, avoid. Personalization of this sort enhances the overall customer experience and even enhances the brand identity, improves user recognition and hence, drives revenues.

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2. Leveraging AI application for the internet of things

Different smart home appliances and gadgets are getting a major push for mobile apps to intrude in the distinctive lifestyles of people easily. Now, you just need to speak simply, and the data assimilated by the smart home devices is processed by AI-controlled applications and delivers necessary actions. Mobile apps are clearly becoming much smarter with such applications.

For instance, artificial intelligence based smartwatch easily determine the sleeping routine of the user and endeavours to wake the user up from the bed at the appropriate time. Also, the linked mobile apps have joined such a similar AI system. Hence, smart gadgets are exerting additional push to AI in the entire mobile app domain. The current development of AI-enabled smart devices from various mobile businesses are the biggest source of a necessary push for this particular specific integration. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana are some of the finest instances. With Facebook getting into this domain too, a React Native app development company can certainly utilize Facebook AI developer’s infrastructure available for the development of mobile apps.

3. Enabling automated reasoning

Artificial intelligence has one more feather in its cap and its automated reasoning. It is among the most complex capabilities than simply analysing the behaviour of the user as it requires problem-solving right at the foundation of different algorithms.

Essentially it is more of skills as well as the science of developing computers to utilize logical reasoning in order to resolve various obstacles such as solving puzzles or even proving the theorems. Also, AI tools now surpass humans at chess as well as stock trading. Another great example of automated reasoning is in the taxi-hailing mobile app, Uber which applies it to discover the best routes and directions that covers not only estimation of the shortest route but also checking the present traffic condition in order to reach the destination at the earliest.


Artificial intelligence is being applied by businesses in different applications in order to achieve and enhance their brand identity, generate leads and gain an advantageous position against their competitors. This technology and its inherent application will certainly keep making progress in our daily lives, especially through mobile applications. Businesses can certainly expect future artificial intelligence solutions to function as well as incorporate innovative and distinctive mobile interplays. Above-mentioned ways will be the key for a business to utilize artificial intelligence in mobile apps.

Amit Agrawal
Amit Agrawal
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