Different varieties of cranes available for sale

Due to increasing urbanisation, the construction industry has been growing at a very fast pace. There are different types of construction works that use different types of equipment. The crane is one of them.

There are a different type of cranes for sale available in the market for civil engineering construction works. These cranes are an affordable option when it comes to cranes.

Be it the colour, the functionality or the size, there are different types of cranes for sale. Cranes are basically used to lift the heavy products and shift them from one place to another. In construction work, it plays a vital role.

Cranes do not only make the work easier but also finishes the work in less time. Moving forward, let’s have a look at different types of crane for sale that one can get for any purpose.

Various types  of cranes available for sale

Mobile cranes

Mobile cranes are one of the commonly used cranes. It consists of a telescopic boom or steel truss attached to a thing which looks like a mobile platform.

This mobile platform can be anything such as rail or a cat truck. In the mobile cranes, the boom is attached at the bottom of the crane and can easily be raised and lowered by using the cables and hydraulic cylinders.

Rough terrain crane

The rough terrain crane is mounted on an undercarriage which comes equipped with four rubber tires. This type of crane is made to be used off road.

When this type of crane is used, the outriggers gets extended horizontally and vertically in order to stabilise the crane from overturning. The rough terrain crane has a single type of engine which is used to power the undercarriage and crane.

Tower crane

The tower crane is referred to as a balanced crane. When you fix this type of crane to the ground, it provides the great height and safe operations and best performance. This type of crane is generally used for constructing tall buildings where scaffolding is needed.

Loader crane

The loader crane is basically known as the hydraulically powered crane, which has an articulated arm. This articulated arm is attached to a trailer.

This type of crane is used for loading different type of equipment onto a trailer. The best thing about this crane is that it can be folded into different sections which makes it easier to transport it from one place to another.

Overhead crane

The overhead crane is also referred to as suspended cranes. These cranes are meant to load heavy material and mostly used in factories and warehouse.

The hoist of the crane is fixed on a trolley which would move in one direction with one or two beams. They move toward a direction or along the ground level tracks. These tracks are essentially used in the assembly area.

Telescopic crane

In a telescopic crane, there is a boom which has a lot of tubes that are attached to each other. The hydraulic mechanism helps in extending or retracting these tubes in order to lengthen or shorten the boom.

Truck mounted crane

Mounted on a rubber tire truck, these trucks are also known for their excellent mobility. The outriggers will extend horizontally and vertically to level and stabilise the crane while loading a heavy material.

These are the different type of cranes for sale available out there. You can get them for the better mechanism.

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