Ja Rule exonerated from $100 million Fyre Festival lawsuit

Ja Rule is reportedly off the hook from the $100 million Fyre Festival class-action lawsuit that was filed against him from the bust 2017 Fyre Festival event when the festival was ultimately canceled.

Billboard reported that Jeffrey Bruce Atkins widely known as Ja Rule and Grant Margolin, Fyre Media’s chief marketing officer have been released from the on-going lawsuit in an order filed last November 7th. Atkins and Margolin were both dismissed on the July 7th hearing. Ryan Hayden Smith, Ja Rule’s lawyer stated that the court has decided to dismiss all court claims against his client, leading  Geragos and Geragos the plaintiff’s law firm filed a motion to keep the former Murder Inc. Records artist and the Fyre Media CMO in the case even though they weren’t able to present evidence that people were persuaded to buy tickets for the failed event.

Court documents stated that there were no assertions that the event would not go forward when it was first introduced to the public nor did the defendant intend not to perform even with advertising the festival.

During an interview with Forbes, Ja Rule shared a lot of his thoughts after the Fyre Festival debacle. The rapper meddled in the thoughts of people labeling him as a con artist, a term that he said he would never do to people nor would want to be attached to such a bad title but sadly it is attached to him after Fyre Festival failed.

The rapper also shared his thoughts, that influencer marketing was both a gift and a curse because it could be a great tool to be used to get the word out to millions of people on whatever it is they are promoting while building the excitement around the project that you are working on. But it can also be a huge impact in a negative light because it can oversell something that might hinder the success through the heightened expectations of the people anticipating it.

Rule said that it’s a tricky line to balance in, referring to over-delivering or under-selling something. The rapper said that he learned to just tell people that it would be okay so that when the event or project goes well it would wow the people who were anticipating it.

Fyre Media and its CEO Billy McFarland are still facing the lawsuit against them. The Fyre Media boss was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud in 2018.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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