Daddy Couture skyrockets in popularity through celebrity endorsements

Unashamedly gay fashion brand Daddy Couture is closing in on its first anniversary as a business and has experienced impressive growth. The team has collaborated on designs with a number of gay celebrities, and had them model their line. Tiffany Pollard, Chris Crocker and Rebecca More, in particular, are some of the large names from the gay community who act as ambassadors and collaborators for the brand.

Daddy Couture primarily market themselves on Instagram, where they have a carefully arranged and curated look designed to be both attractive to their followers and quite artistic. Since they got started in May 2018 they have gathered over 20,000 followers from around the world, and built a community that regularly post pictures of themselves wearing shirts and undies from the line. They’ve also expanded to Facebook to expand their social reach.

So who are these celebrities, and why do they help the brand to attract so many followers?

Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard was the first queer icon to collaborate with the brand, and she was a huge help in getting the new clothing line off the ground. Tiffany has a massive gay following, and she uses her platform to advocate for gay and women’s rights.

She is an actress and reality television star who shot to fame after starring in several of her own reality television shows and appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, where she finished in fourth place – the highest placing any American woman has ever achieved on the British show. Recently, she appeared as a celebrity guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Tiffany worked on one of Daddy Couture’s first shirts, which featured the logo “What Would Tiffany Pollard Do?” along with an image of Tiffany in a Rosie the Riveter pose. Through Tiffany promoting the shirt to her fanbase Daddy Couture gained a lot of awareness of their clothing lines in the gay community, and this really got them going.

Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker has had a lot to do with Daddy Couture and continues to promote their brand heavily. He is a comedian who first found a widespread platform with his famous (or infamous) “Leave Britney Alone” videos, which brought international attention to his vlog about living as an effeminate, openly gay man in America’s deep south.

Chris has also been a high-profile voice speaking out for transgender rights and acceptance inside the gay community for a long time and has been very open about his own gender fluidity. His videos and other content creation have brought him prominence in the gay community.

He has collaborated with Daddy Couture on a number of lines, and frequently acts as a model for the company’s Instagram account. He and the brand have created two lines of shirts: the first is very similar to the Tiffany Pollard collaboration and has an image of Chris wearing an open shirt and heels along with text reading “What Would Chris Crocker Do?”. The other is more original (and risqué), featuring a picture of Chris in Daddy Couture underwear and a vest, with a caption reading “Chris Crocker is my Daddy”.

Rebecca More

Rebecca More is a viral social media star from the UK who has gained widespread popularity in the gay Twitter community for her hilariously over the top promotional videos.

Rebecca is featured on a few different shirts, and each pattern/slogan comes in both long and short sleeves. There are two shirts with different images of Rebecca and her iconic slogans.

Rebecca, like Chris, also models other clothes from the Daddy Couture line that she does not feature on. She enthusiastically shares the photos of her on her social media profiles, which helps to increase the brand awareness of the company.

The celebrities who have collaborated with Daddy Couture have all massively helped the fashion line to get off the ground. Because the target market is small for the brand they need to reach LGBTQ shoppers all over the world, from San Francisco to Sydney. By recruiting gay icons like Tiffany Pollard as brand ambassadors, this is being achieved – and the investors are following.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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