Eric Bana stars in new Netflix true crime drama ‘Dirty John’

Netflix is known for offering binge worthy shows in all genres. The latest of which to be released is ‘Dirty John’. The newly released show is a true crime drama that has captivated audiences all over the world.

Fans of the series ‘You’ in which Penn Badgley stars, are going to love this stalker based thriller just as much.

The story of Dirty John first gained interest when Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard launched his podcast of the same name in 2017. Millions of people download this and the following grew.

For those that are yet to watch the series, here is everything we currently know about it.


The story-line is based around the relationship between John Meehan and Debra Newell after meeting on an online dating service.

Meehan, who claims to be a doctor, seduces wealthy business woman Newell and they begin a whirlwind romance. In reality Meehan is a con-man who is trying to get as much as he can out of the relationship. Although Newell is smitten, her daughters are not convinced.

The series is closely based on the original reporting by Christopher Goffard, with him on board as one of the writers.

The show is a thrilling watch and can be best labelled as seductive and unsettling. Netflix described the show as being “sexy, provocative and harrowing real-life thriller”

Whilst you are watching the series, it can be quite hard to remember that these shocking events actually took place.


The series is split into eight forty-five minute long episodes.

Netflix decided to release all eight episodes at once. Meaning, they are all currently available for your binge watching pleasure.


There is no doubt that the cast is star studded.

Australian actor Eric Baner plays the role of con-man John Meehan. Baner claimed that the show is “most definitely a cautionary tale and I think there’s plenty of warnings and lessons in it.”

The actor went on to explain how it is challenging to play a character that is based on a real person. However, Baner said that in order for the character to work in a show, it is important to still have some creative control. “When you’re playing a real person, at a certain stage you need to claim a certain ownership and you want to make decisions for that character creatively”

Connie Britton plays the role of Debra Newell who falls in love with John and gets swept up in his lies and deceit. Baner claimed that “This is Debra’s story — John happens to her, she’s our moral compass”.

Banner suggests that “she’s where the sympathy sits, she’s where the understanding and empathy sits”.

Other major cast members include Juno Temple and Julia Garner who portray Newell’s daughters.

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