5 common law specialities to choose from

Choosing the right specialist when you have a legal issue is a hugely important step on the road to getting the outcome that you want. The problem comes when people don’t quite understand what kind of lawyer they need, or what area of law their case will fall into.

It is also common for people to face issues in understanding the right law area. People generally consider the term lawyer totally generalised – “all lawyers can handle all law issues” is a common misconception.

While all lawyers are licensed to help you with any issue, lawyers and law firms typically specialise in order to be expert in their chosen areas. Few specialisations need specific licensing in order to carry out their practice, which is why all lawyers are allowed to help with any legal issue.

Law is a huge topic area and hence you need to have to choose the right kind of specialist in order to get the best result. Here are 5 of the most in demand areas of law to consider when you look for a lawyer.

Internet Law

The development of the internet created a need this section of law and legal specialists. It was necessary to create new laws in order to handle cyber issues efficiently. There are various issues, including cybercrime, online theft, hacking and many more, which can be handled by these lawyers.

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Internet law has become very popular. Photo: Piotr Adamowicz, Bigstock.

They will also often extend to handling copyright law, privacy problems and other related issues. Internet usage laws and conditions imposed by the government are also handled by this section of lawyers.

Pirating of movies and documentaries is been strictly managed by internet lawyers. With increases in technological advancement and the penetration of online shows, it is likely that the demand for internet law specialists will only increase.

Debt/ Insolvency/ Bankruptcy Law

Capitalism and competition mean that, by definition, people will sometimes lose money and potentially go bust. You can go for assistance from this lawyer to help you either sort out issues relating to bankruptcy or to potentially reduce your debt.

Tax Law

When you need help complying with federal taxation laws, go to a lawyer who specialises in this area. Tax law is a hugely complicated issue, especially if your financial situation is out of the ordinary, so it is very common to seek help from a tax lawyer.

This area of law is attention grabbing as it helps to clarify and sort out many issues which involve the revenue of government. From the process of audits to legal enquires, this law helps manage all issues with respect to taxation.

Corporate Law

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You may need a corporate lawyer if you own a business. Photo: Phushutter, Bigstock.

Corporate lawyers are more inclined towards employment and property sections of a business. They tend to focus on different types of companies, whether they are start-ups or large business enterprises. Depending on the details of the case, they can multitask with various other areas of law including tax and debts law too.

Corporate lawyers consist of two major sections. The corporate transactional lawyers tend to be involved in the documentation process and agreements of the companies.

Corporate litigation lawyers handle cases if another company tries to sue the client or holds a strong case against the business practice. These two sections of the corporate lawyers are different from each other and it is rare for one lawyer to handle both areas.

Criminal Law

Criminal law has always been the most crucial and common type of law. Handling the issues related to criminal accusation and managing to help the client get through it is done by this kind of specialist.

The ultimate goal is to help get the client cleared, or at least manage to reduce their sentence. Even the smaller issues of theft, such as shoplifting, fall under this section of law.

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A good criminal lawyer will have a better chance of keeping you out of jail. Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd, Bigstock.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about what types of law sections are common, you should know what kind of legal specialist you need to go to. It is important to make sure you understand the different areas of your case to know which lawyer to go to.

Apart from the above law specialties, some other types of legal specialists are family lawyers, personal injury lawyers, property lawyers and virtually anything else that has a legal element to it.

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Grace Woods
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