7 top career options you can choose in Australia in 2022

Australia is a land of great opportunities and lots of money if you can choose your career well. With the after-effects of the Cocvid pandemic still being felt globally, Australia has a dip in demand for some jobs, while the demand for other professions has risen sharply.

Therefore, if you are looking to decide on a career that you want to focus on in your studies, especially if you are still in college, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will be learning about what are some of the most in-demand career options that we recommend you pursue right now in Australia.

Best career options in Australia in 2022

We believe that these seven career options have the highest demand for new blood right now. Therefore start pursuing a career in one of these lines right now:

1. Software developer

Engineering is a great field of study that will forever be in demand. The need for new technology to help all other sectors and industries is absolutely essential for the industries as a whole to develop. Therefore, the requirements for new innovative software developers have been deemed crucial in Australia.

With the pandemic giving a rise to the digital industry and the digital market, 2022 has presented lots of great opportunities for software developers in Australia. Therefore, if you are pursuing computer software development like every other geek in Australia, then this is your chance to make lots of money and show them what you are capable of.

2. Business analyst

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The job of a data analytics manager is to analyze all the processes and operations of a business. After the results of the analysis are verified, measured, and documented, the analyst then proceeds to present the finding to the higher authorities of the firm. In addition, the business analyst also presents solutions for problems in business operations.

Since the role of a business analyst is important for the growth of the company, Australian companies are looking forward to hiring such analysts. This is the reason why they are ready to pay big sums of money to capable analysts. This is why they are in such high demand in Australia.

3. Marketing manager

A marketing manager is important for a company because their job is to manage all the marketing efforts of the firm. This involves planning and deciding the promotional content of the firm, along with its brand image in the eyes of the public. Marketing is essential in 2022 because the marketing scenario has changed drastically due to the covid pandemic.

For example, a fashion stylist can take the help of a marketing manager to understand the brand image of the company and the style of the actors taking part in the advertisements of the company. Since marketing has changed due to the pandemic, new and innovative marketing managers have become a necessity for companies in Australia.

4. IT manager

The IT manager is responsible for taking care of all the computer and technological systems of the company. Their role is to ensure that all the computers snd systems of the firm are running in the way they are supposed to so that other employees face no difficulty in operating those systems.

Some of the skills that are required from an IT manager are valuable knowledge of Data Science, computer science, and a relevant bachelor’s degree from a technical background. Therefore, if you want a high-paying job like that of an IT manager, start dedicating time towards it now if you just graduated from high school.

5. Registered nurse

Due to the alarming number of deaths caused due to the covid pandemic, the demand for registered nurses has also gone up dramatically. Thousands of elderly people were admitted to hospitals due to covid, with many of them dying in the process.

Nurses are important for giving proper treatment and care to patients and ensuring that they are getting timely medications and other care requirements on time. Since the pandemic caused so many fluctuations in the need for oxygen cylinders and beds, nurses are in high demand right now.

6. Aged caregiver

2022 career options

In the health and fitness industry right now, the need for aged caregivers has risen dramatically. Similar to the rise in demand for registered nurses, the need for caregivers for elderly people has also risen due to the effects of the pandemic.

Aged people, in general, are prone to suffer from the disastrous health effects of the Coronavirus. Therefore, they need someone by their sides at all times to take care of them and make sure that they stay healthy in these tough times. 

7. Human resource manager

The HR Manager takes on a group-centred job in an organization. They’re liable for drafting enrollment approaches, overseeing organization staff, onboarding new workers, overseeing progression designs, and regulating finance undertakings.

As indicated by surveys, an HR supervisor’s compensation begins from $110,000 each year. To function as an administrator, you’ll require a four-year certification in HR or business the board, as well as past involvement with the HR cell.


Interest inability is expanding across Australia, and businesses are taking extraordinary measures to draw in the best. Despite the fact that the work market experienced huge difficulties as a result of COVID-19, some lucrative positions are as yet accessible for those with the right capabilities.

Figuring out what occupations are sought after in Australia can help you in choosing the best review and preparing choices for a drawn-out vocation. Assuming you know where to look, there are open positions for a wide range of occupation searchers.

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