Web Development vs Software Development: How to choose between the two?

In today’s era, with the increasing demand for the online presence among businesses, demand for software development and web development is also exponentially increasing.

Both web and software development companies have equal importance in different areas, basically, it totally depends on the requirements of the end-users.

Suppose a shopkeeper wants to shift their business online. In order to do that he or she needs to show the products virtually so that consumers can see a product online sitting at home.

Web development and software development will help the shopkeeper to scale the business online in a much useful manner.

Basically, through this example, we can understand that both software development and web development have equal importance in their vicinity.

If you are stuck between web development or software development. Don’t worry, in this article, you will learn about the key differences between web development vs software development.

  1. Hosting
  2. Flexibility
  3. Working Agenda
  4. Basic requirements
  5. Compatibility with users
  6. Scope in freelancing
  7. Working criteria
  8. Pricing range
  9. Platform dependency

1. Hosting

Web development company requires hosting facilities via the internet or intranet. To access these facilities, website hosting plays an important role.

Without hosting you cannot access the websites. Whereas in software development you don’t require any host.

Without a host, it can work effectively which satisfies user’s demand. So you can choose as per your requirement whether you want your application to work using as a hosting server or not.

2. Flexibility

Web application development company generally focuses on proper orientation of data.

Web developed application plays an active role in data centralization whereas software-based applications majorly work better in gaming, handling of files, etc. Both results are effective in development fields.

3. Working Agenda

Software Development totally focuses on programming used in systems. It is responsible for creating a whole structure of any software.

It can be a framework, testing, maintenance, documentation, logic, and concept building. On the other hand, web development is not more involved in the designing part.

They generally work at the backend. Web developers also use coding to create eye-catching webpages.

In essence, both can mean the same things while talking about web development vs software development.

4. Basic requirements

Software development creates an app or software which runs on mobile as well as on the desktop.

Which allows more user to interact with devices like computer. Software developer usually works with many programming languages like python, java, etc which are related to each other.

Whereas website developer also works with many interrelated programming languages like JS, PHP, CSS, HTML to create a website for end-users.

It allows more users to interact with pages and computers to catch more and more attention from users.

Both web developers vs software developers play an important role in specific fields.

5. Compatibility with users

Custom software development company like Amazon, Google, etc needs skilled software developers to accomplish their idea with the help of software.

Due to this, Software development has broad demand in learned skills. As they can work in an agile environment without any discomfort. They can easily design software according to the requirements of the users.

As far as web development is concerned creating a prototype of the web pages should be more attractive and influencing.

So that end-users can enjoy using the website smoothly. Such skills are required in changing prototype according to the latest demand going on in the market.

6. Scope in freelancing

There is an increasing demand for both these things but working as a freelancer is more effective in web development.

As a web developer, you can easily find clients who require a website to scale their business.

As you can work as a freelancer along with doing jobs. Which helps in generating an extra income side by side.

Now working as a software developer, for them clients are less as compared to web development but the point is the income generated by the software developers is the same or even more than web developers.

As one pays enough to software developers compared to web developers. Every customer is ready to pay for a website but not all to pay for software.

7. Working criteria

Web developers work in two sections firstly on client-server and second on the server-side. What happens in the client’s server is that a web developer is responsible for every element that will be accessed by the user.

The client-server side directs the users to perform actions related to their requirements. Those who work on client-server are known as Front End architecture.

On the other hand, working on the server-side requires unique skills to maintain the digital infrastructure of the web page.

They are well known as Back end developer who is responsible for paneling data or the instruction given by the users.

Full-stack development services involve both front end and back end services. 

Whereas software developer handles both parts efficiently and many other factors involving maintenance, prototype, etc.

8. Pricing range

Web development company pays less as compared to software companies but that is not the case always.

If you are working as a freelancer, you will be paid not much amount in return. Customers usually prefer websites because websites are relatively affordable compared to the software development part.

Many companies pay hefty salaries to the software developers as they are responsible for various tasks like designing, maintenance, holding, and establishing the demands and needs of the users.

They usually handle a lot of tasks simultaneously. Whereas web developers work under specific sections and phases.

Many web developers handle whole tasks like full-stack developers. They are the one who receives more salary.

9. Platform dependency

Majorly, what happens is a custom software development company design software that runs on a specific platform.

As every software is designed as a specific agenda so that’s why they are majorly designed for a certain platform.

On the other hand, web application developed for cross-platform that gives flexibility to the website users.

This factor plays a vital role in deciding which development is more effective for the audience and how it will give benefit to the developer or the company specially.


Web development and software development are both used for developing applications and perform best in their vicinity.

As software development requires coding for generating software for computers similarly web development required coding for generating web applications that work as efficiently on mobile phones as on the desktop.

The major difference is that software development has some specific set of rules whereas web developed applications are more secure and reliable.

With the increasing demand in the use of the internet and online applications, demand for web development is also increasing in the market.

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